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If this option is selected, Facebook will decide what image to take by itself and ignore all plugin settings.

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if default image is not specified it will take first image from the page.

Please set featured image to clearly define what image you would like to show or specify Plugin Settings-Default Image URL for og:image tag for the default image.

Please see Facebook FAQ #2.14 here for more info Starting from version 3.0 64MB of allowed PHP memory is mandatory for the plugin.

Word Press takes 25-30 MB of memory just by itself.

Please contact your hosting provider or server admin if you don’t know how to do this.

The remote connection software you are using on your server might be compiled with a very old version of Open SSL that does not take certificates signed with sha256-With-RSA-Encryption into account.Please contact your hosting provider to allow such requests. Twitter is now making empty “User-Agent” requests too.Update 2: Please see the reply here for a simple test: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/twitter-posts-not-posting-images?This error means that at the time of autoposting your image wasn’t set or wasn’t available. Image must be set at the time you hit the “Publish” button.Some third party plugins that make posts sometimes publish post without featured image and then add it later.Even some versions of Woocommerce could cause this.


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