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In the mid-2000s, Dave was one of the Tour Guides at Disneyland who led the “Walk in Walt’s Footsteps tour” and later went on to be an engineer on the Disneyland Railroad, operating Walt’s locomotives.“I sincerely believe those are two of the best jobs at any Disney Park in the world.Now, those people have a place to share their Disney interests, favorite characters and attractions, and photos to help you find your Mickey or Minnie!

For some of those women, they questioned his interest because they just didn’t understand.

It took several years before he came back to the idea and started building the site.

Mouse is like many online dating sites where users can create and browse profiles, upload photos and rate other user’s pictures all for free.

To send and receive private messages or do online chat, users can upgrade to a recurring “Deluxe” membership for $12.55 per month, or a “Premium” membership for $120 per year, which both allow for unlimited messages and chatting.

Anthony then answers it, before calling Ian saying that his ex is here, before Anthony tells a rather excited Ian that seeing an ex is worse than dating a fan, where it cuts to a wide shot, where it is a giant cardboard X at the door.

Ian then tries to get her indoors, only for her to break apart.

Anthony then asks Ian what happened, only for Ian to remark that she broke up with him.

Just after the credits, a cameo shows up with Ian's ex dead and collapsed.

Ian asks why, so Anthony tells him not to freak out, because she is a fan.

Ian goes on to say that it's the worst idea to ever commit, saying that most fans want to "cut off your face, and wear it whilst dancing around to creepy children's music".

Anthony then says that he doesn't go around and call all of Ian's girls fake, before saying that has been hard for him to get a girl lately. Anthony then says that she is really romantic, before cutting to a scene of him and the fan in the park on a picnic blanket, where the fan blows a dandelion into his face.


  1. offers a guarantee that if you don’t find someone in six months, you will receive another six months for free.

  2. But if you know those rules, they’ll definitely help you in situations where you’re able to make eye contact.” Waiting for her to initiate eye contact with you isn’t just swak, it’s also uneconomical.

  3. With hundreds of women joining all the time it’s simple and easy to find a girl to chat, gossip, plan dates, meet for coffee, or one of those late late nights with a few glasses of wine in hand.

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  5. 2017 movie-going will be filled with sequels, superheroes, and reboots.

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