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Monolithic Dome structures have lifespans measured in centuries and the buildings will pay for themselves in under 15 years with the savings.

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De Lisle experienced Katrina as a Category 5 hurricane, with embedded tornadoes and a water surge 27 feet high.

Water rushed over the dykes and came within 150 feet of the dome.

This particular structure is an arena with a daycare facility proposed for a First Nations reserve in northern Alberta.

“That dome now has a new name: The Category 5 Shelter. Seybold, the renaming came about because Katrina convinced the crew that their dome can stand against anything.

May 12, 2006: Terry Gray, State Hazard Mitigation Officer and Mitigation Branch Chief for the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management (ADEM) sent an email to more than a dozen State and/or education administrators in Arkansas and to David B. Unfortunately, the Iraq war and recent hurricanes reduced these Mitigation grant funds by a whooping 66 2/3 percent. Gray said, “This does not stop schools from wanting to provide protection for their students.

I receive several calls each week from school Superintendents wanting a grant for a safe room.

When speaking in terms of disaster resistance, no other building system can come close to meeting the degree of protection inherent in every Monolithic Dome structure.

Over the past four decades Monolithic Domes have proven their strength and durability time and time again.

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Designated Driver Services of California, also known as Sober Drivers, is a nonprofit, public benefit organization that was created with the mission and purpose of making Bay Area roadways safer by proactively working to find preventative solutions to the alarming problems presented by impaired driving.

Shotcrete is a special mix of high compressive strength concrete that we pump through a hose and accelerate through a nozzle using high pressure air.

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