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with Zac Efron, but we're pretty sure we have more skillz in that area. Tags: are we officially dating, dildo, fantasy world, film flickers, filming, gay gay gay, new york city, rainbows, sex shop, shooting, yummy yummy screw, zac efron Filming there would be the perfect excuse to pick up items for himself though, wouldn't it? Cameras captured Zefron trying hard not to freeze off his footlong Fudgsicle!

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The deal was brokered for the filmmakers by WME and CAA.

Only an A-List star can manage to look hot while filming in cold New York City in January.

Film District has announced a title change for the upcoming R-rated comedy Are We Officially Dating?

, as the film will now be called That Awkward Moment.

First up, Glenn Close, James Franco, and Brit Marling have been set to star in the adaptation of Tom Bailey’s novel The Grace That Keeps This World. It appears that Zac Efron is ready to have himself a DTR (“Determine The Relationship”) talk.

Variety reports that Efron has signed on to star in the indie romantic comedy Are We Officially Dating?

I’m not crazy about the pop culture-friendly new title, but the film’s pedigree is promising. Josh Pais plays a buttoned-up dentist with social anxiety running a flagging dental practice with the assistance of his daughter (Ellen Page) in Lynn Shelton’s new indie dramedy, Touchy Feely.

When rumors spread that he’s suddenly developed a “healing touch,” …

Perennial commitment phobe Jason (Zac Efron) and his co-worker Daniel (Miles Teller) are determined to help their devastated friend Mikey (Michael B Jordan) after he discovers his wife has been cheating on him.

In a bid to cheer him up, the guys decide to take him out for a night on the town...

Tom wrote a script that is as funny as it is heartfelt and we are pleased to release his directorial debut."Producer Justin Nappi, Founder and President of Treehouse Pictures, added the following statement."We couldn't be happier that Film District will be releasing Are We Officially Dating?

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