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And while my intentions were to catch a few crappie for a fish fry, it was hard to hold in open water and fish a brush pile with kinda rough water.. And while I had a pile of rods on the deck, only the one with a fluke on it got me bit.. I did not catch but about half of the bites I got, but I did catch a six and a half in the batch.. I talked to several fishermen yesterday evening that did much better than me. This week is the last before the Bass Champs boys roll into town, and they are off limits during the week, next week. I'm in the country illegally, and that makes me a victim.. Water temps have been around seventy, but we have had clouds and cool a few days this week. Bigger fish still seem to be on wood, and flipping the sticks. Some folks have hit it good, and some have struggled a bit. North winds and clouds have not been beneficial to the ongoing spawn. And I expect that we will see another wave of spawners up at the full moon, which happens on the 12th.. We don't have em like a few years back, but we have em.. Of course most threw the Falcon standards of the day. During that same time, there were protest marches against the new president in all the big cities.. Fishing is good for the most part, and as long as it stays warm, and the wind will let you on the water, I believe it is only going to get better. A shakey head with a small offering has been doing good as well.. It is not unusual when we get some folks from other parts of the state down here they fish a lot differently than we do as locals.. If Mother Nature will let us out there to chase em.. The spawn is/was on this last few days, and a lot of shallow fish have been caught. Which leaves the fish vulnerable to the gar, cormorants, fishermen, and netters.. And with the death of the oilfield, The Lake is the only blood that flows through Zapata's economy.. Deep divers and jigs seem to be the ticket, along with the big fluke starting to catch some fish. Shallow rocks are still the number one way to put numbers in the boat. He's not the only one that has been catching some good fish. Although during my short stint at college some girls did refer to me as the clit master.. All of the different sects of Islam can't even get along with each other.. The world has had to give them a beat down every few decades or at least century's.. Time to bounce them bones off the back wall and and drag in your pile of jack.. Seven Eleven is not only the name of a convenience store..

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You get around some fish, chances are you are gonna catch some.. It is not at all unusual to hook a couple a day if you throw a squarebill much. Hopefully enough to keep the gates closed for a while at the dam. We have had a lot of fishermen in town, and folks are here from all over the country. A big billed bait has produced some fish for several people we have talked to this week.. But I am sure that irrigation draws are bound to start up again before too long.. The first real rain of any kind we have had in months.. If you were here fishing but not fishing the tourney, I am sure you noticed the lake traffic a little higher than than our norm, even for February, which is invariably our busiest month.. Those fish are on the beds in a lot of areas, and we heard all kinds of stories about the ones that got off, broke off, jumped off, flopped off, and just pretty much kicked the anglers asses.. And if you have fished Falcon much in the spring, I guarantee it has happened to you.. And while I think my hand is getting better, I am still a loooong way from fishing.. These fellers that were here last week threw the entire play book at em, as they left no peg unplucked, and kept us looking for what we might consider something too small or obscure. Why do we need more bridges if you are going to sneak/swim across the river somewhere else anyway? I also saw a commercial the other day, that said if I had this flashlight, I won't need a gun.. And I'd like to thank them for kicking our ass for the last five days.. It has been our pleasure talking with all of you, and thanks for choosing Zapata and Falcon Lake for your state tourney. I have not been writing much, and typing is still difficult.. We are still a good ways from that, but there is no way that all the water that left Falcon and Sugar was used beneficially this year. Due to the low and dropping water level, fishing here has been awesome. A few months ago we had a lot of fish up in the cover, that were un-assailable. Because unlike some, my memory is longer than my dick. And I promise, once we get it., I'll quit bitching for a while.. I have seen wind spells around here like this before, but it has certainly been awhile. When this big high pressure sits on us like a cluck hen, we are in for some heat.. But the only thing that they have in common is that they'll both break your heart.. As you can see from the picture, the water in the river is all riled up and the visibility in it is about as long as a grasshopper dick.. Of course down lake in open water, the water color is good.. Put on your galoshes and make sure your bilge pumps are in good working order.. And getting the handle off rarely gets you to the root of the problem..

I fished yesterday for about three hours, and I ended up in the Tigers. And while I did stop on the way to the Tigers, I had no luck with the bass till I ended up on a couple of windblown points in Big Tiger. And some folks told me that it don't hurt to leave em on there either.. Spring break is underway, and we have had quite a few folks down with their young-un's.. Though some seem a bit bleary eyed early in the am.. I love the thought process that makes everyone a victim.. If we get a couple of inches down south it will save us a bunch of much needed water. We are sitting at 270.71, which equates to 30.49 feet low. Shallow fish are still the best thing going, and you can catch em pretty good on a squarebill paralleling the rocks, right along the bank. I will have to say that more people have been here in February than we have had in about three years. But I cannot say definitively that there is any one way that is better than another to catch big fish.. I have not posted any big fish pictures this spring.. A generous rain across the valley would be awesome.. And of course, as the old saying goes, "An eel not caught is a big as your thigh.."In the last few weeks, while I have been stuck here in the shop, I have seen a lot of pics of big fish, and have seen pics of two twelve's, a handful of elevens, and a dozen tens.. So for the short term I will have to live vicariously.. A lot of em caught fish on shakey heads, finesse worms, lightweight jigs, and some swimbaits. My left wrist is still messing with me and while I think it is improving, it still sucks.. Small soft plastics are still doing good when it comes to the flipping and C-rig bite. The wind is blowing like a bitch today from the north.. We have a town full of fishermen standing on the sidelines for the most part.. But before the wind the fish were biting pretty damn good.. Now their refuges have been taken out of the water, and all that is left to hide in are hardwoods, and a few lay downs and brush piles built by fishermen. But it is no less relevant today than it was in years past. Remember all those rock humps and islands and ledges that everybody was fishing down by the dam a few years ago? Cause there are a lot of fish being caught down that way. A Carolina rig will also catch em on those deep rocks. We did run into the back of the Hedieona and the water looks good in there once you get about a hundred yards past the mouth.. We have spoken to a few stalwarts that have toughed it out.. My hands are more suited for strangling some son of a bitch than handling the tiny screws and springs inside a modern reel.. The difference being that the rational folks very rarely have a confrontation.. I'm not saying that they never get arrested or go to jail.. There is no doubt that the world has a problem with Islam.. If you study any history, you'll find that this Islamic uprising is nothing new..

If you have ever heard the joke about Hurricane Gussie then you can relate.. The catfish have been biting as well, and the water is just starting to cool. And it appears that this entire week is going to be very pleasant.. And being the free spirit I am, and a sucker for anything new, I tried a lot of em.. I thought it was named after Obamma, but I found out that Kenya is in North Africa.. You gotta catch a fisherman before you can catch a fish.. But if you see some gravel on a point you are crazy if you do not throw a square bill or a spinnerbait up there.. And I caught a decent number of fish on it as the day went on.

Unless a bunch of water gets here soon, we are going to be basically missing a year class this spring.. And it is not an uncommon occurrence down here at Falcon. After all, two years ago he was a liberal supporting liberals.. But Happy New Year, and I reckon it will be this week before the masses truly get back to work.. Not that you couldn't catch one anywhere, on anything, on any cast.. That's some fun shit and you can't get any better eating than a fresh fried crappie.. October 10, 2016: It was a nice weekend around here.. Saturday there was a north wind and it was a bit tough, but yesterday they had great stringers.. Second sixteen and change and third right at fifteen.. I heard that a lot of the fish were caught a bit deeper, in the ten to fourteen foot range.. There have been some cool names of baits, and colors of baits in the past. Of course the only cover on them is some old hardwoods, but that makes the target areas pretty easy to pick out. I have had to rethink my preference for the "Falcon Green" that I love to fish with the falling water levels, high winds, and exposed mud banks. I was throwing a 5XD in Citrus Shad (Ain't everybody) and caught about a four pounder right off the bat.

But for numbers there is no doubt that we heard of lots of fish on Carolina rigs on slow sloping points. And I have watched a lot of TV, which certainly is a bad thing.. Did you know that if you take enough your shit will turn green? But I have moved passed that to some no bullshit drugs.. One side effect of one of em gives me a hellova woodie.. And moving water most always excites the fish here on Falcon. All that being said, I hope a couple of hurricanes show up and run this son of a bitch over the spillway.. But that also includes you not harming my pocket book.. Those hardwoods are starting to pop out and I am sure there are a lot of them that are right under the water. I would think that if the wind lessened a bit, fishing would be about as good as it gets.. If you head up the river towards the Hedieona, be aware that the big concrete block in the river is out of the water about a foot.. Do not run to the right side of it as there is more bad shit not too deep below the surface..

Small baits like a Super Speed Craw or a lizard are good choices. Just about a half mile in, there are gravel bars and gravel points and gravel humps and gravel ridges everywhere.. Looks like I am going to be stuck in here for a few days, so you'll have to catch em for me.. July 26, 2016: It's been a pretty nice stretch of weather around here, if you don't mind hot.. It will still foam up your Big Red when you are running.. If the water gets a bit lower, and I am sure it will, you will be able to see the corners inside these rock structures where the walls came together in the corners. I found this old picture in some old archives from this area on the web years ago.. In second was Adami and Griffin, with 16.52, and they had the big bass with an 8.44.. So you can see that some damn nice fish are being caught in a four hour window.. July 18, 2016: There is a rumor that the wind will die down a bit starting tomorrow.. The ramps are still working fine on both ends of the lake.

And almost all of the fish were situated right on the break. But I am really not sure if it is a plus or minus for us.. Unless something weird happens, and we loose some water, which is always a possibility around here, the county boat ramp should be four wide by the time Bass Champs shows back up.. I am sure there will be a few spawners caught, but I believe their numbers are getting few.. I hear of a few more spawning fish down on the south end of the lake.. But I would not go out without some lizards, sexy shad squarebills, and a Rage Craw.. And I believe it is more pronounced when they are spawning.. It is not at all unusual to hook them on your crankbait. I tried to punch out oak trees and a regularly picked fights with thunderstorms.. March 6, 2017: Fishing was a mixed bag over the weekend around here. Including me yesterday as I flipped 397 trees and caught one fish. Maybe it was just the Lord going easy on me as he knows my hookset still sucks.. If you are flipping to spawning fish, pay attention.. Well we are now fully five months since the big fish kill here in the Veleno. It is agenda driven, with many a "good ol boy" having come and gone thru the system.. At least it looks that way from where I'm sitting.. And the winning weight was somewhere around what I figured.. I caught a few rats off the shallow rocks, but nothing that would pull any drag. They are still pulling water, and while it is good for the fishing, I sure hate it.. They have been selling like hotcake's and I am a little low on XL's already..

We caught em' on a few different things, but Rage Craws seemed to be the ticket, and before too long we were all throwing them. The flipping pattern is still about as consistent as anything. I've had my ass kicked by Cows, Bulls, Calves, motorcycles and four wheelers.. My batwing side swing motion does leave something to be desired.. January 26, 2017: Somebody stole at least a week of days out of this month.. We've got a new President, a record high stock market, liberals on full scale meltdown, spawning fish, spring coming, and business opportunities expanding all over the place.. But if you are familiar with the area, this is what the tits look like right now. When I got to Pierces' there was someone near to the spot I wanted to fish, so I went to a secondary spot where I have been whacking em. But holler at us if you want one and we'll put it in your mailbox for .50.. I hope you took the time out over the weekend to think about our Country and the people who got us to this point in time.

Casting into the wind and fishing down the slope or drop. I went out about three hours this AM and actually got about fifteen bites. Water temps are high sixties to low seventies, depending on where you are.. I'm a hardheaded bastard and often I don't catch fish because I want to catch em my way.. But like I said, it is all about time on the water.. I am feeling better and better, and like I have always said, better living thru better chemicals.. " Keep making some shit that will keep me on the playing field.. I just wish it hadn't taken so long to figure out.. Yesterday Jay and I went and launched at the state park. We fished some notorious spots with little to no luck, and we even went as far back in Krueger creek as you can go, flipping the woods. I'm embarrassed to say it, but if you are having trouble getting bit on these high sky days.. I wonder if this will be the year that not one gets turned in.. I wonder what a guy's day at the kills and spills team at PAW consists of.. It is certainly more of a political machine than an agent for the sportsman.. I reckon you saw the results from the Bass Champs tournament last weekend. I did expect that there would be three or four thirty pound bags.. I fished Tuesday up the Salado, and the water looked pretty crappy.. The fish we did catch were nice chunky three to four pounders.. I'm going out a bit later for a boat ride down south and a maybe a little fishing.. Every year at this time we have the same conversation in the store.. I idled around the corner to the point just north west of the ramp, where the next boat ramp will soon be appearing. I caught a few more on that rock ledge, but none of em were keepers.. I stopped and looked at a ledge around marker nine, but the sidescan didn't show me anything to get excited about. I talked to some guys last week that were here from Mississippi.. And after watching the news about Britain and Brexit, I have come up with a T-Shirt for Texans that have had enough of imperial rule..

Most of the time we had the boat in ten to fourteen feet of water, throwing up into two or three. Amistad has gone into a different kind of water release pattern.. I do believe that we are in the last days of the spawn. Those that have come down, and put their nose to the grindstone have caught fish.. I don't know if there is any one bait that is head and shoulders above any other.. Our threadfin shad have a distinct chartreuse stripe on them.. I know a lot of my problems with joints and bones is due to some of my activities when I was younger. I played basketball on concrete floors till I was forty five.. I rolled over in cars more times than a typical hooker rolls over in a week.. We wanted to check out a spot or two down there, and I wanted to see how the ramp was working. Maybe the SL program can go Detroit Lions this year.. Surely someone minnow fishing will have one swallow a crappie.. But you can rest assured that there are just not many of them out there.. How many kills and spills are there a year in Texas? Especially if it takes five freakin months and counting to issue a report.. With a topheavy salary system, management that asks first what will look the best to the public, and little regard for the actual mechanics of what will improve hunting and fishing in the state of Texas.. I'm not gonna call them spectacular, but they were decent.. And on my first cast I caught a 8-2 on a crankbait.. And I wanted to check out the water level on the Dolly Parton rocks so I cruised up there. They caught the fish good off the rocks on the dam.. I think they did mention that they lost a few baits.. It might not get us out of the Union, but at least you can wear your opinion on your chest..

March 20, 2017: Have you ever heard of the wind blowing in Texas in March? Been hard to catch a break from it around here lately.. They will only get better as temps drop and catfish are know as "Fall Guys."Water temps were still 84° last week when I was in Pierces.. Back in the eighties my brother went to some store and came back with some "Oxblood Spinal Core" worms.. I was laughing at him till he started kicking my ass on it.. Then he whipped out another pack of weird looking shit called "Bruised Banana."How in the hell could I compete against a guy who raided a bullfighters mortuary and a south side San Antonio farmers market.. Bait manufacturers have pretty much disregarded the color wheel these days, and have given monikers to bait colors that would make a bag of skittles throw up.. One of Reaction Innovations many colorful color names is Dirty Sanchez.. We wore our welcome out on that point in a bit and all we we catching were some rats..


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