In between numerous date nights in Essex, the cute couple are still looking as smitten as when we last saw them, scooping the ‘Cara from love islands on first dates what’, one confused viewer tweeted.‘Wait why is Cara from love island on first dates ? The premise is taken to its logical extreme, as it goes so far as to even point out where a toilet is within the bathroom.

After a potential hookup is blown by a mutual inability to find adequate parking, he becomes desperate to meet a woman, and he signs up for an arranged marriage service.

After noticing how close Fred is with his mother, the agency sets Fred up with an older Italian woman played by Rachel Dratch, who in absolute peak form here, bringing the same manic brilliance she did to so many characters on Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock.

The premise is taken to an absurd level, but if we’re being honest, it could actually be used pretty effectively in the real world.

Our made story thread focuses -- as it often does -- on Fred’s dating life.

Fred is surprisingly positive about the affair, deciding to simply cut his losses and enjoy the fun they had to together.

Despite its abrupt ending, this was one of the nicer story arcs Portlandia has had this season, as it was nice to see Fred experience a little joy for once, it spite of how it ended, Elsewhere, we get a short-but-amusing bit about a loner who comments “beautiful,” on every picture he comes across on an Instagram-like service.The strongest sketch of the night focuses on a movie theater that wants to make the experience as similar to watching a movie at home as possible.Seats are replaced with couches, people are given i Pads so that they can ignore the movie, and the theater only shows the first half of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off because it’s probably been a long time since you saw the first half, and they want to keep it that way.Either way, it’s one of the shows biggest strengths, and that skill was on full display in “Amore,” which is easily the strongest episode of the current season.The cold opening focuses on a new app that allows people to easily navigate through an office building. As someone who is frequently absent-minded and gets turned around, this idea seems like a lifesaver.Up until now, Season 7 of Portlandia had been solid but perhaps a tad underwhelming.

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