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Lisa invited me to be a guest expert on her "Rock N Relationships" teleseminar series which she makes available to her coaching clients.

Read Alenalove36 Emily Côte was indebted to Nickolai Carsarro.

A ten million debt she couldn't afford to repay, a debt she inherited on the passing of her father.

If she touches you and gets close to you on the first date, that's a very good sign.

Women don't touch-or get close to men they don't like.

shows women how to take charge of their own love destiny and not have to settle for whatever man or situation that comes their way.

In an easy-to-understand format, you will discover the 21 smartest moves women make for love including: (1) Love yourself first, (2)Find and fix your dating blind spots, (3) Avoid losing love candidates, (4) Gauge your love connection accurately, and (5) Create unshakable convictions of the heart, to name a few.

Sex is one of the least talked about subject in today's society.

Children are shielded from it, adults don't like to discuss it, and teens are left somewhere in the middle, to figure it out by themselves.

Communication is one of life's most essential skills, yet the vast majority of people have never been taught a simple way to master it...until now.

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