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She didn’t beat around the bush and said “I’m not concerned with that.” From the way how she responded, it appears like she simply wants to shrug off the issue and doesn’t want herself to be bothered by it. It is my dream to reach out and help my family first then more people afterwards by using all the God-given talents to me.

Kiko Mizuhara has finally spoken about the dating allegations. I believe excellency, passion, and faith must always go together.

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G dragon dating kiko

The two have had to address countless dating rumors in the past, but it seems they might need to speak up once again.

One Japanese Instagrammer uploaded a picture on September 24 along with, "G-Dragon and Kiko's date in Miyakozima, Japan." In the picture, a man who looks like G-Dragon despite covering up with a hat and mask is dressed in a comfortable white tee while sitting affectionately by a woman, who appears to be Kiko.

although i personally dont favour kiko because of some instagram post she posted, it is gdragons choice who he dates so... u dont have try to hide anything...(well, its not really working if ur trying to hide it) ; tbh theres no reason for gd to deny dating rumors because almost all of yg's fan base is supportive of a relationship.

if he's denying it, and if yg is denying it, it must be false.

G-Dragon's agency denied rumors that the singer is seeing Japanese-American model Kiko Mizuhara.

After a picture was uploaded by a netizen, who claimed that it was the boy band member and the model in the picture, although all of the people in the photo had their backs to the camera, fans were left wondering if the two were in fact an item.She quoted a familiar line from US hit series “Sex and the City” and posted “Single and fabulous, exclamation point.” An insider revealed that yes, they have come to a decision and call it quits but remained as good friends.The insider also explained these two are career-driven individuals.According to reports, G-Dragon was spotted outside the Shilla Hotel in Seoul on a date with his rumoured girlfriend Mizuhara Kiko, but after close inspection netizens have discovered that only his Lamborghini can be seen in the photos.This has caused some fans to think that G-Dragon is in fact dating his car. But as you can see in the pictures posted by the netizen who kicked off this story, Mizuhara Kiko can not be seen.Despite YG Entertainment's claims that the two were not dating but were merely friends, netizens continue to speculate as they bring up a lot of evidence suggesting otherwise.


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