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After serving two terms as Sabah’s government, Barisan Nasional led Parti Berjaya is unexpectedly toppled by newcomers Parti Bersatu Sabah, with the cooperation of the United Sabah National Organisation.

To date, Freedom Film Fest has produced over 20 documentaries depicting various human rights issues in Malaysia – ranging from children refugees, the history of Malaya to the state of political situation in Malaysia.

Interested to hold a private screening with any of our films or are interested in featuring it for any festivals? [styled_box]*The following documentaries are also available in DVD format.[/styled_box] [col type=”4″ class=””] [youtube link=” Ax J2d6m A” width=”600″ height=”380″] Director/Pengarah: Ronasina Subtitles/Sarikata : English [toggle_content type=”default” title=”Read more” box=”closed” class=”panel-default”] This documentary-drama revolves around the parents of Anur who seek to lay claim to her right to formal education. Their cause unpredictably takes them on a journey, including going as far as Beijing, where they take on the fight not just for Anur, but for all special needs children in Malaysia under the campaign of ‘No Child Left Behind”.

From south of the land, a group of people walk to KLCC in a desperate attempt to save their familial and ancestral graveyards.

Somewhere away from the city, a lone farmer wistfully toils the ground.

Pada malam 1985, apabila pilihanraya peringkat negeri diumumkan, gabungan rahsia antara PBS dan USNO telah berkecai dan telah membawa kepada sebuah pertarungan kuasa yang berlaku di Istana kerajaan negeri.

Ini akan menjadi sebuah contoh kepada demonstrasi yang berlaku pada tahun berikutnya.Subtitles/Sarikata : BM [toggle_content type=”default” title=”Read more” box=”closed” class=”panel-default”] “How can I be neutral, even my pen has a stand.” Like many of his international counterparts, Zunar uses cartoons to communication his frustration with Malaysian leaders.Fusing powerful visuals with satire and humour, Zunar seeks to raise the conscience of the people to rise together to fight corruption and injustice.But with the current market situation, this dream will most probably be achieved when we are well over the age of 50.The filmmaker takes us on a journey to discover how this situation came about, what kind of forces are at play and most importantly how can the ordinary person have the power to resist market forces in a capitalist system such as Malaysia’s.This would become the precursor to dramatic demonstrations the following year.

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