Galaxy s3 email widget not updating

My personal experience (4.0.1) is that it will work absolutely fine for a certain amount of time and then not show the new messages in the window area (although the unread counter still increases).It does not seem to be a fixed amount of time in that if I come to it in the morning after having not looked at it all night, it still works; but it will sometimes stop working during the day after only a few hours of inactivity.For the personal need, you can change the preferred temperature unit you wish to use, either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

On occasion (not always) this seems to prompt the widget to refresh. The unread message counter at the top of the widget doesn't update when the 'window' of the widget has stopped refreshing; but you do still get message notifications in the notification bar.

As #27 said, if you scroll to the bottom messages in the 'window' then this forces a refresh and all the new messages appear at the top. Android 4.0.2 Not sure if these images will help, but it shows what I'm experiencing.

I can't speak for the Google Voice widget, but I just tried using a non-resized widget for a while and it seems to be working (so far).

It's after resizing that it (sometimes) fails to refresh. I don't think it's the actual resize action that causes it to stop refreshing; just that we all seem to have resized the widget at some point.

Also, you should remember that the frequency of auto refresh weather widget may cost some data plan.

In other words, more shorter the auto refresh frequency means more data will be used.

Email widget does not refresh it's view when new email is received. New mail is received and notification bar displays icon.

Swipe over to widget and the new emails are not visible (scrolling up does not show new email).

This works fine so far on all devices, however on Samsung Galaxy S3 we get reports that it stops working in certain situations.

Unfortunately I do not have such a device to check myself - therefore I would just like to know if anyone had some similar experience.

Innov8tiv Innov8tiv – Blacks In Technology in USA, UK, Caribbean Islands & Africa Samsung Galaxy phone users, especially those of Samsung Galaxy S3 and S7 have complained multiple times that their Google search bar or Google widget isn’t working.


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