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Game Trailers' first version of its magazine style show was GT Weekly and premiered in August 2005, hosted by Amanda Mac Kay and Daniel Kayser.After 44 episodes, in March 2007, the show was rebranded as Game One and given a live chat where viewers could talk about the show.The podcast was a semi-round table discussion show in which the Game Trailers staff members discussed various ongoings in the video game industry, including new video game releases and controversies.

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All subscribed podcast feeds are updated immediately when you refresh, and i Tunes downloads the most recent (or all) episodes, depending on how you set your podcasts preferences to schedule podcast updates.

To change your podcast settings so that i Tunes can check for new podcasts automatically, click the List tab, and then click the Settings button at the bottom of the List tab view to display the Podcast Settings dialog.

Game Trailers was founded by Geoff Grotz and Brandon Jones in 2002.

Jon Slusser and his company Hornet Animation invested in the startup, and Jon took over as CEO.

Game Trailers (GT) was an American video gaming website created by Geoffrey R. The website specialized in multimedia content, including trailers and gameplay footage of upcoming and recently released video games, as well as an array of original video content focusing on video games, including reviews, countdown shows, and other web series.

Game Trailers was acquired by Viacom in November 2005; under its ownership, Game Trailers also produced a television series, Game Trailers TV with Geoff Keighley, for sister property Spike TV. In February 2016, the site was shut down; rights to Game Trailers' brand and content were sold to IGN Entertainment, which continues to run its You Tube channel.

This is why: If you listen to part of a podcast episode on your i Pod, and then sync the device, the podcast episode disappears from i Tunes (because it is no longer unplayed).

If the episodes are still out there on the Internet, you can recover them by choosing Download All for the When New Episodes Are Available option.

You can change the settings for each podcast separately by choosing the podcast in the Settings For pop-up menu.

The settings are as follows: If you sync podcasts automatically to your i Pod, don’t set the Episodes to Keep pop-up to All Unplayed Episodes — use All Episodes instead.

By Tony Bove Many podcast feeds provide new material on a regular schedule.

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