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Khawula went to an all-girl high school, where she started dating and remembers that her first encounter in a relationship was with a girl.

She is a freelance actress and video editor and moved to Johannesburg in 2009.

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When boys are sexually molested, the predator is most likely male, but that doesn’t mean he is gay.

As Casey stats, paedophiles are attracted to children and many don’t care what gender the child is.

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone has tried to blame “homosexuality”. This is a mighty inflammatory remark to make based on ‘being told’, for someone in such a highly responsible position.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” was the reaction of Dr Alan Dibble, a clinical psychologist in Co Meath, who has worked with paedophiles and sex offenders in the US and Ireland for the past 20 years. Five per cent of the world’s population is gay and to put us all in that category is appalling . Is the Vatican bringing old scientifically debunked myths out of the closet in order to avoid confronting the weaknesses inherent in a hierarchy without transparency and without self-reflection on the extreme stresses inherent in the human loneliness of the priesthood? and with their history of minimising the issue of child sexual abuse in the church by blaming others for scapegoating them, the Vatican is using the same cognitive distortions therapists teach child sexual abusers not to use – such as whitewashing, rationalising, minimising and excuse-making as a way to avoid taking personal responsibility,” Dibble says.

The other classic method is to cultivate relationships with single mothers.

Paedophilia is a fixation where, for a persistent period of at least six months, the paedophile has sexual fantasies about children and a desire to have sexual contact with children that he cannot control.I no longer got cast for straight roles and that is the reason I refuse to play gay roles even to this day."Speaking about the annual Gay Pride, the march organised by the gay community to celebrate the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans-gender culture and pride, Mhlongo said the event has been turned into "a cartoon extravaganza"."The pride is about who I am and we must celebrate who we are.When we march on the streets, we should think of all the people who have suffered and were raped and murdered because of their sexuality."We must think of all gays and lesbians who died of HIV and Aids-related illnesses and could not get help because they were gay.Others use sex with children as an abuse of power, dominance and control.Anger against women, due to rejection, is another “driver”.Girls are five times more likely than boys to be abused, usually by their father, stepfather or mother’s boyfriend.


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