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Interracial sex interest is an old story, it can be considered that it dates from the times men started to travel around the world in search for new land and wealth.

Without further detail its not wrong assuming that white men was first having the chance to get to sneak around with other races.

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These cultural values taught to them, make them lose some of the interest and curiosity to sex, what makes things worse for black guys because they are very open in this aspect.

Moreover, Eastern girls would appreciate a friendly guy, who doesn't like to show off and would definitely be able to hang out like they were only simple friends.

Few times, friendly and shy would describe someone simultaneously.

But that's it, they do not speak to you if they don't have anything in common like job or school.

They will definitely pretend you do not exist, and if you try a slick line, you gonna have to pray God she answers you at least.

Their education shaped their mind in such a way that cultural values come at the top when they want to decide most of the things.Hang outs will most of the times be to fun places and cinemas, no motel and drinks.So how to have sex when all looks like just being friend?It might explain why some famous white women have been dating black younger guys than them.Black guys can say that the western women is not a problem now, but what about Eastern ones?Out the mouth of a white women, words like strong, decided and listener come most of the times when asked to describe black guys.


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