Girls contacts for sex in ajao estate

“One day, the man came home with N500,000 that he couldn’t pay into his bank and kept the money in his bag.

Later, he invited her downstairs for a drink but the call girl said she was too tired to move out of the room.

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Listening to the man’s different calls from his business partners, the hooker realized that he does not live in Nigeria.

Moreover, he counted his money in her presence because, according to him, the girl looked very decent.

“They can go any length to steal from the man who took them home.

We [men]are after sex while they are strategizing on how to poison you, get your money and disappear.

Apparently due to the heavy drink, we soon fell asleep without touching her, and the next day, she insisted that we must pay her, whereas we had paid her madam.

While we were still on bed, arguing with her, she walked out of the room and locked us inside.

Many of them have one thing at the back of their mind – how to drug you and take your money. You really need to shine your eyes when you are with them because they can do anything. “Last week, we were in a hotel at Ajao-Estate, when one man narrated his experience in the hands of a prostitute.

Often times, they want to dupe you in order to attend to urgent needs either at school or their homes. He said he met the girl at Ikeja and took her to an apartment where he spent three days with her.

When you bring her to your house, she would take her bath before you.

Then, as a man of the house, you would go to take your bath, and while you are still inside the bathroom, she would take a bottle of drink from your bar and drug it.

They want to get rich quickly, which makes them more devilish than armed robbers.


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