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For instance, when me and my boyfriend are in a stagnant moment where it’s neither boring nor fun, we’re just coexisting, I tend to say random words in a childlike voice and it just makes him smile. Men like feeling like they are the beast in the relationship.

I used these words from time to time in that same voice and now (8 months later) it’s become part of our vocabulary. I even use it after an argument sometimes just to break the tension. Find that cute, tension-breaker that your man responds well to. This is going to sound silly, but once in a while acting like a child is appealing to a man. Also, when you’re cuddling you can touch him in certain ways that are “adorable.” For example, last night I was laying on my boyfriend while we were on the couch watching TV (he loves it when I lay on his chest) and he grabbed my hand that was laying on his chest and then I grabbed his thumb with my entire hand and just gripped it a little hard (yes, like a baby would). He went out of his way to tell me he likes when I grab his hand like that. The more you make them feel that way, the more appealing you are to them.

Upping your game can be done in many different ways.

First, figure out what the issue is.are you in the inferior seat?

I remember hating highschool for one reason: the constant games that boys would play. For this reason, the cat & mouse game doesn’t ever really end because as a woman (or in this case, a mouse) you need to remain appealing to the man you’re dating; make the cat run for it.

I thought it was something that would diminish through maturity. Not all the should know when to turn mouse mode on and you should know how to go about doing it. There will definitely be times when you’re in the inferior when you up your mouse game.

I suggest subtracting an inch from their claimed height prior to meeting them so that you’re not alarmed.

If you’re not open to online dating or just can’t justify paying for it, attend some social events or even networking events.I also knew that it’d be really hard to meet someone since I work full time, am not in school, and don’t really network; I wasn’t really meeting any new people. While the online dating scene may not be for everyone and you may not find your soulmate on there, I think that it’s a great way to break the ice in dating or to just put yourself out there and practice.I will emphasize that practice is much needed in dating.Just don’t overdo the “acting childlike” thing or else it will lose its value…and you might appear to be semi-mentally challenged.What “cute” things do you do when you’re around your man? After exiting my decade-ish relationship with my ex, I was so scared to get back into the dating scene.The common answer to this is that he is communicating/initiating less with you.

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