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The animal lacks under hair, and guard hair differs little from over hair.

While they eat grass during the wet season, they have to switch to more abundant reeds during the dry season.

Capybaras are autocoprophagous, meaning they eat their own feces as a source of bacterial gut flora, to help digest the cellulose in the grass that forms their normal diet, and to extract the maximum protein and vitamins from their food.

and feed on the leaves of one species and disregard other species surrounding it.

They eat a greater variety of plants during the dry season, as fewer plants are available.

The larger the group, the harder it is for the male to watch all the females.

Dominant males secure significantly more matings than each subordinate, but subordinate males, as a class, are responsible for more matings than each dominant male.

They may also regurgitate food to masticate again, similar to cud-chewing by cattle.

Like its relative the guinea pig, the capybara does not have the capacity to synthesize vitamin C, and capybaras not supplemented with vitamin C in captivity have been reported to develop gum disease as a sign of scurvy. While they sometimes live solitarily, they are more commonly found in groups of around 10–20 individuals, with two to four adult males, four to seven adult females, and the remainder juveniles.

A crystalline form of scent secretion is coated on these hairs and is released when in contact with objects such as plants.

These hairs have a longer-lasting scent mark and are tasted by other capybaras.

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