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The great depression of the 1930’s caused the bottom to fall out of the Hammond Clock Company.

Hammond tried other applications, like an automated bridge table using his motor to drive a mechanism dealing cards to each player.

But Laurens Hammond longed to be an “independent inventor”, and he got right down to work.

Did You know the first successful 3D movies to be shown in Theatres were the result of a system designed by Laurens Hammond? They’re still used occasionally today; but the thing that really got things started was Laurens Hammond’s invention of a synchronous motor that ran on the then-new 60 cycle electric supply.

One of Hammond’s thoughts considered using his motor to generate sound.

Although Laurens Hammond wasn’t a musician, he loved to hear the organ when he went to church with his mother as a child.

It’s been over 75 years since the world saw the first Hammond Organ, and it all started with an electric motor, invented by Laurens Hammond. His father was a banker, whose job afforded the Hammonds an affluent lifestyle, but he died shortly after Laurens was born. He attended Engineering school at Cornell, served in World War I, and returned to work various jobs.

His mother was a unique woman, and sort of an inventor herself.

The table gave Hammond a slight lift financially, but it, too, soon faded.

Laurens Hammond often said, that when faced with having to come up with a new idea, the smart thing for an inventor to do is put together the old tricks you have done before, and maybe even use some of the other guy’s tricks as well.

On the west side of Chicago, near the original Hammond Factory, Black Gospel Churches began to use the Hammond Organ, and a tradition was born that has never stopped growing, and has had incalculable influence on nearly every facet of music.

Hearing the Hammond in church inspired Wild Bill Davis to try the instrument in a jazz setting.

Mr Ford placed the first Order, but he didn’t get the first organ.

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