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I decided that I wanted nothing less than God’s best for me. It means if you have doubts about the relationship, if your significant other doesn’t treat you with the upmost respect, if you argue more than you get along, if you constantly find yourself defending him or her to your friends, then end it.

I know that sounds harsh, but let me explain my theory on Christian dating. But I do believe that if you are seeking God’s will about who you date, He will lead you to someone that is a true fit for you.

All songs written by Austin Winkler, Cody Hanson and Brian Howes.

Sounds kind of like being grilled steak at a vegetarian party. at least, not in the family-focused church we know. This engaging book dares you to believe that things can, and should, be radically different between singles and the church.

It’s a courageous call for the church to love its singles . Hsu Author of “It is refreshing to find a book that looks beyond dating or personal contentment and considers Christian stewardship of singleness and how it fits into God’s larger plan.” –David K. Singles Leader, Calvary Church, Fruitport, Michigan Read an excerpt here.

Ever had these thoughts about someone you are dating? Too many of my friends are finding themselves there now too.

For instance, one guy that I dated was a very nice guy.

But although he said his faith was important to him, attending church and reading the Bible were not high on his priority list.

"There's always a little bit of pressure there," Winkler says, "but I actually believe we've got a way better start on this record because we've grown so much as songwriters and learned a whole lot more." Although critical reactions to the album have been mixed, it was received better than their debut. Entertainment Weekly gave a grade of C and cited their lack of originality and contrasting song styles of hard rock and ballads.

Chris Willman explained, "If you were ever young and in love, dumb with drink, and had a head swimming with not just Boone's Farm wine but also Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, and AC/DC (to name these guys' most blatant anthemic influences), you may be willing to forgive Hinder's lack of originality and preponderance of madonna/whore issues." gave it 4.5 out of five stars saying that "Take It To The Limit is a stronger album from start to finish than the band’s debut, and Hinder is one of the bands leading the revival for straight up rock-n-roll and “Take It To The Limit” is going to go a long way in helping the cause." Many have criticized the originality of the album, saying many of the lyrical themes were similar to many snap music rap albums (especially the Dem Franchize Boyz album On Top Of Our Game), and the sound was similar to many 1980's glam metal bands.

I’d been struggling with making a decision about this particular relationship for at least a year.

I truly wanted to do what I felt was God’s will, but I also really didn’t want to give up the relationship.

It has a much heavier glam metal and a lesser post-grunge influence than their last album, while retaining the elements of hard rock that the band had previously used. The first single, "Use Me", was released to radio on July 7, 2008, with a digital download release on July 15, 2008.

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