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He was catching in the game when the Red Sox finally won the World Series, he was the team captain when they won it again, he hit a grand slam in the World Baseball Classic, etc. Varitek was the 14th pick in the amateur draft in 1994 — this after he won the Dick Howser Award and the Golden Spikes Award and Baseball America College Player of the Year Award and all the other awards they give out to college players.

Fun coincidence: Varitek was taken by Seattle two picks after the Red Sox had taken Varitek’s college teammate, Nomar Garciaparra.

It’s still not entirely clear why the Mariners traded him to Boston in 1997.

Sherm Lollar is another catcher with similar careers to Hernandez, Steinbach and Varitek — again, probably a little bit better.

He played for four different teams and was not as appreciated as Steinbach or Varitek, but more appreciated than Hernandez. Varitek was a charmed baseball player his whole life.

You probably know he’s the only player to play in the Little League World Series, College World Series, World Series and Olympics.

He’s one of only two players to catch four no-hitters.

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I have no glitz or glamor or connections and certainly no coin to offer you.

* * * We really do have different feelings about players who stayed with one club for their entire careers. Now you tell me: When was the last time you thought about Ramon Hernandez? He had his best year for Baltimore, his second base year for Oakland and his third best year for San Diego.


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