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Ask just about any counselor, social worker, clinician or Special Education teacher to identify the toughest challenge they face in helping youngsters improve interpersonal skills.

Their response will be amazingly consistent: the management of frustration and anger. This program builds on the premise of authentic communication and helps young people improve their behavior from the inside out.

When it came to talking about the rape of his sister, no one knew what to say to him, his sister, or his family.

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On the second day of my sophomore year at Loyola University of Chicago, I returned from swim practice to find a note on the door to my room. For two years, I struggled to deal with the rape, both as a victim's brother and as a male.

Violence against women had abruptly altered my life.

Anger, rage, confusion, and a rush of emotions overtook me.

" As I held the phone tightly to my ear, I could not believe what she was saying. "This can't be happening" is all I kept saying to myself.

My passion surprised him and so he mentored me, providing lots of information about myths, laws, stories, and interactive exercises meant to enlighten and challenge.

From this, I decided to create a "one person show" and to use humor to help open people's minds.

I went from being an honor student to hanging on by academic probation.

I transferred colleges - so I could be close to home and my sister during the trial.

Accepting credit for "being a guy who cares" only adds to a culture full of unhealthy stereotypes and expectations.


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