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This matrix gives a rough idea of how to not kill your wallet while affixing.

The main takeaway here is that sticking to the Cheap and Easy part of the matrix will keep costs down, but the final item may not be very good.

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Upslotting Increasing the number of slots on an item by 1.

Items with three slots become four, four become five and so on.

Use a 7★ to 9* weapon or unit to keep Dudu Fees low.

Start with a base item with three to four slots, aim for four slots.

The solution would be to overwrite these affixes to suit you better.

Typically, these random affixes are far from suitable for what the item will be used for.

How this works is Quartz Soul buffs Power III and Spirita III, although Fever will be used here instead. Replace Quartz Soul with Mizer Soul for RATK, or Elder Soul for TATK if needed. For cheap units like a Hiei set, this recipe will get a Soul, two Easy affixes and a Difficult affix for 90 ATK with a balance of HP and PP.

For any component in subsequent recipes that require two easy affixes, use My First Affix without the Soul Receptor. I recommend Alter Arma/Tiro/Magia because Alter tends to be cheaper than Flict.

Use 250% Rare Drop on rewarding Emergency Quests like Profound Invasion, Magatsu, Profound Darkness.

These are items that will be sacrificed to appease the RNG gods. First we need to get the item to a good amount of slots to work with.

First and foremost, here’s the link to Ordy’s Affixing Simulator, which is kept up to date: Affixing Simulator Right now, the trend among rich players is to shove as much ATK as possible into the affixes.

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