aku pekerja tki diperkosa memek nya sobek - High hels ameatour pic

It pulls on the heel when you walk -- and it works best with the proper arch in your foot.

This common condition can cause intense heel pain, and resting the feet only provides temporary relief.

Sporty, fitted sandals and other "toning shoes" are designed for a more intense workout while walking.

Podiatrists prescribe these inserts to provide arch support and reduce pressure on sensitive areas.

Prescription orthotics can be pricey, but are sometimes covered by insurance. The risk of getting splinters or other foot injuries is higher when the feet are so exposed.

Brenner recommends choosing heels that are no more than 2 inches high -- and even those should be worn in moderation. The most common problem is a lateral sprain, which happens when you roll onto the outside of the foot.

This stretches the ankle ligaments beyond their normal length. A sprained ankle should be immobilized and may need physical therapy to heal properly."We podiatrists like to call it shoe-icide." Brenner, a spokeswoman for the American Podiatric Medical Association, says ultra-high heels can lead to everything from ankle sprains to chronic pain.Let's take a closer look at the heights, styles, and woes of today's footwear.Heel pads can provide extra cushioning for achy heels.And custom orthotics can ease a whole range of foot pains and problems.A chunky heel has more surface area and distributes your weight more evenly.


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