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Bottom Level: 15F Boss : Macho Man Zombie EXP : 8000 Rewards : 1 Iron Arrowroot, 1 Remodelling Motor, 1 Solid Suspension, 1 Toughness Infinity, 1 Battery ==Majima's Missions== Name : Where's the Vein of Metal? Bottom Level: 5F Boss : Pipsqueak Zombie EXP : 4000 Rewards : 1 Iron Arrowroot, 1 Remodelling Motor, 1 Solid Suspension, 1 Toughness Infinity, 1 Battery Name : The Cursed Manhole Location : Enter the manhole on the north end of the theater district. After receiving this message from Kamiyama, go visit him in Kamiyama Works for an event.

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- Keep following the pink markers to the end of the Chapter. Chapter 4 - Go to the pink marker and talk to the guy from Chapter #1. - Keep following the pink markers and you'll run into Hana-chan. - Drive to the tank by Millenium Tower and drop it the crate off in the space there. - Go to the pink marker and save the guy from the zombies. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14a. Shun Akiyama's Missions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: Big Duty Part 1 Timing: Chapter 3 Pre-req: None Location: Speak to the girl by Mach Bowl Reward: 1000 EXP Kendo becomes a partner 1. This will bring you to the underground mission list.

- Continue through the streets to the pink marker at New Serena. - Follow the pink markers until you go into and exit the sewer. - Continue down the hall, go down the stairs, and go to the next pink marker. **You need to go enter the Northeastern quarantine zone by going north on the street with the save point in front of it. - Drive towards the pink marker and pick-up some tank ammo. - Go back and save the guy on the other side of the fire. - Proceed through the door in this room that you haven't gone through yet for another scene. For completing all the sub-story missions, you are awarded with the "Rosary of Luck", which awards you with 10 yen per bullet that hits a zombie. To check the underground entrance location, enter the pause menu, choose the 6th option, then choose the 3rd option.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 24. Fighting Amon ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After completing all of the characters sub-story and underground missions, make sure you are using Kiriyu.

I cleared 92 floors without any problems and the died intentionally because I needed to finish up. I was at full health and hadn't used a single healing item yet.

- Finished all the final events for the cabaret girls. It is sometimes a little difficult to dodge all these balls, but they aren't a big deal as they don't do a lot of damage.

- Finished off a bunch of things from the "To Do List". You can Heat Snipe the source if you're fast enough and have some Heat Gauge built up, but the timing can be tricky.

Ryu Ga Gotoku: Of The End Quick Walkthrough FAQ by Seiyou_All-Star Date: September 1st, 2011 Version: 0.90 e-mail: Seiyou. [email protected]-------------------- Overview ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a FAQ for "Ryu Ga Gotoku: Of The End". - Copied and formatted the equipment lists in as well as writing descriptions for the diffrerent gun types. Choose this option and you will be taken directly to the bottom floor to fight Amon again.

This guide may have what some people consider to be spoilers as it will mention fighting certain people. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version History ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- July 22nd, 2011 - Version 0.50 - Compiled the finished walkthrough and sub-story missions lists. July 25th, 2011 - Version 0.55 - Compiled and translated all Hasegawa Orders. After defeating Amon, you will get another text message from Kamiyama. After exiting Kamiyama works you will get a text from Bob to go to Naomi's to pick up your reward.

- Follow the pink marker, killing zombies along the way, to a scene. ==Akiyama's Missions== Name : Chasing an Urban Legend Location : Enter the manhole on the north end of the theater district.

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