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new pull M from tanned fells, And o're his head hang'd fpiders webs As if they had been bells*Is this the Country guife thought he,then here I will riot ftay, But hence be gone as foon as breaksthe peeping of next day.The cackling hens and geefe kejjt rooftand pearched at his fide, Whereat the laft the watchful Cock,made known the morning tidef Then up got Alfred with his horn,and blew fo long a blaft, That made Gillian and her Groom,in bed full fore agaft.A fheep-hook then with patch his dog,and tar-box by his fide.

For (he's as good a toothlefs dameas mumbleth on brown bread, Where thou (halt lie in hurden flieet^ upon a frefla ftraw bed** '""-""" B a C5j; . Of whig and whey we have good ftore,and keep good peafe-ftraw fires, And now and then good barly Cakesas better dayt requires.

But For my mafter which is chief,and Lord of Nemon Court, He keeps I fay, his Ihepherds fwainsin far more braver fort; We there have curds and clouted creamof red Cows morning milk, And now and then fine buttered cakesas foft as any filk.

King, truce I cry quoth Alfred then,good fliepherd hold thy hand, A fturdier fellow than thy felflives not within this land.

Nor a luftier Roifter than thou art,the churlilh fliepherd faid, Jo tell thee plain thy thievifh looks,now makes my heart afraid |Elfefure thou art fome prodigal Which haft confum'd thy ftore, And now com'ft wandring in this placeto rob and fteal for more: Deem not of me then quoth our Kinggood (hepherd in this fort, A Gentleman well known I amin good King Alfred's Court-The Devil thou art, the (hepherd faid,thou goeft in rags all torn, JThou rather feem'ft I think to be,fome beggar bafely born ; But if thou wilt me&d thy eftate,and here a fliepherd be, At night to Gillian my fweet wifethou malt go home with me.

His wages fhail befall ten groatsfor fervice of a year, Yet was it not his ufe old Ladto hire a man fo dear.

For did the King Mmfelf (quoth he junto my cottage come, He (houldnot for a 12 months payreceive a greater fum. $r the clovrtuih jeft, Bow filly fots as euftom is ..,iodifcant at the beftt g Tills to Purge Melamhol/JBut not to fpoil the foolifli fporthe was content good King*To fit the fhepherd^s humour rightin every kind of thing.

Thou art more quick to take it outand eat it up halfdow, Then thus to ftay till't be enough,and fo thy manners fhow.

But ferve me fuch another trick, I'll thwack thee on the fnout, Which made the patient King good manof her to ftand in doubt: B3 6 fills to "Purge Melancholy, But to be brief to bed they wentthe good old matf and's wife, But never fuch a lodging had 'Kmg Alfredm his life: For he was laid in white fheepes wool!

Thus coafting through Somerfet/hire,near Newton Court he met, A fliepherd fwain of luftj limb, That up and down did jet: He wore a bonnet of good gray*clofe buttoned to his chin,f And at his back a leather fcrip,with much good meat therein*God fpeed good fliepherd, quoth the King, I come to be thy gueft,3Totaft of thy good viftualshere,and drink that's of the beft : LThy fcrip I know hath cheer good then the fliepherd faid ?


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