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I took advantage of the privileges of formal marriage and poured into her mouth. I agreed with his proposal, and as early as 6 o’clock in the evening was in the studio.


Sharmila : Ila venam ne vera house na vera house Antony: okk Sharmila : Ne vara Antony: Hmm ok Sharmila : Na chudi .. Antony: hmmm padichupan anni dnt worry Sharmila : Na keela ukkaren..payan pakathula.. Podhuma Antony: hhmmm pothum anni Antony: Paal suprer anni Antony: enna paal ithu kettiya irunthuchu Sharmila : Arokiya than da yen ?

Bra jati podala verum chudi Antony: hmmmm ok Sharmila : Kulika polam nu thalai la enna vechi konda potu tv pakuren Antony: hmmmm ok aunty Sharmila : Moonji lam yenai Antony: hmmmm Antony: ok Sharmila : Na en payanuku maths solli tharen Antony: Hmmm ok aunty Sharmila : Come Antony: hmmm ding dong!!! kadhava thorakuren Sharmila : Va pa Sharmila : A Antony: Hi anni Sharmila : Ula va Antony: How r u? Sharmila : Fine pa ne epdi iruka pathe romba nal agudhu Antony: hmm s im fine anni Sharmila : Avuru vela vishayama ooruku poirukaru pa Antony: ok anni Antony: Soory anni disturb panitana Sharmila : Illa pa.. Ne enaku side la sofa la ukandiruka Antony: hmmm Sharmila : Na lesa kuninji avanuku solitharen Antony: Yen anni melaye ukarunga Sharmila : Black colur bra theridhu Sharmila : Bra la brest theridhu Antony: Hmmm enaku oru mathiri aguthu!!! Paru pa idhuku mela na epdi soli tharadhu Antony: na sudden ah pakratha stop panren Antony: Hmmm na varata anni solli thara Sharmila : Edho panu da Sharmila : Va Antony: hmmm ok anni Antony: keela varen Sharmila : Hmm Antony: payan naduvula irukan Antony: neenga antha side irukinga Sharmila : Okk Antony: hmmm dai thambi inga paru nalla podanum da Antony: avanuku treach panra saakula ungala paakuren Antony: unga skin oily ah iruku Sharmila : Hmmmm Antony: hmmm anni avan maths la week ah irukan anni Sharmila : Ama pa.. Antony: Nallla kettiya iruku anni Antony: vera ethum mix paningala? Inum venuma Antony: Hmmm ama annii Sharmila : Iru varen nu kitchen ku poren Antony: Hmmm na antha time la payana room ku anupidren Antony: Game vilayada solli Sharmila : Hmm Sharmila : Indha da..

Sharmila : Ne sollu da nethu na sonen la Antony: hmmm am not good in selecting concept aunty Antony: neengale solunga Antony: apothan supera irukum Sharmila : Enaku therila da...

Sharmila : Ipo avlova moood vara matuddhu Antony: hmmmm yen aunty Antony: inerest illaya?

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He was the local Aboriginal people, although it was evident that civilization touched his tribe, sometimes in his movements and gestures could catch something primal. picked her after breaking up with another boy-metrosexuals. It was not a marriage of convenience, although I can not say much loved her.

Sharmila : Intrest lam iruku da bt concept lam varala Antony: hmmmm unga first concept yanna aunty Sharmila : Pureela Antony: very first roleplay concept enna aunty Sharmila : Nyabagam ilayee Sharmila : :| Antony: hmmm nalla super onu solunga aunty Antony: pls pls Antony: aunty?

Antony: solunga Sharmila : Hm Sharmila : Yosikuren da Antony: hmmm yosinga aunty Antony: Ena aunty still thnking ah?

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