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However much you try to divert ones path of destiny, it wont change. Athula studied the alphabet first at Ananda Vidyalaya, Chilaw where his mother was a teacher.

He then entered Royal College, Colombo through a Grade Five Scholarship. After a few years I had a problem in finding a place to stay.

But, in 1988, he tried his luck as a singer and released his first solo `Ran Palase. Not merely girls, but little ones, middle aged and elders soon became his fans. I first met her at `Janakala Centre when she came for a record her very first song `Ira Paya.

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`Sunflower which blossomed in Chilaw spread its popular fragrance all over the island within a short spell of time.

Meanwhile Athula managed to sit for A/Ls in 1984, and inevitably strengthened his partnership with the band. Athula was the keyboardist and had not tried his talents as a singer.

Neil Warnakulasuriya, a guy who was a few years senior to Athula, was also from the same village, Mahawewa.

Neil was at Thurstan College, Colombo, and after his exams he decided to form a band of his own.

Another wonderful rumour was spread after I got married to Samitha. It was said that I who was drunk at a party threw my little one up for fun and missed catching her back, and she fell and died. When you mature, you look at things in a different angle.

Third rumour cropped up very recently, after a few months my son was born, entangling Samitha with a popular politician. So, if she wanted to get away from me, she could have talked about it with me and come to a conclusion. What Samitha and I thought was, all these happened due to our fame.

When she came to record her second song, `Rosa Puranaya both of them eventually developed an attraction to each other.

Samitha Kumari Erandathi Mudunkotuwa was born on January 7 in 1973 at Horana as the only child to the famous music duo, Premadasa Mudunkotuwa, the first Masters holder from Bhathkanda Music College, India and Kumari Bothota, folk singer at the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC).

My parents who noticed that it was affecting my studies, took me back to Ananda, Chilaw, when I was in grade 9.

And that was how my fate directed me towards music, recalls Athula.

Such fans who go crazy over the famous personalities try their level best to get at them and then start a love affair with them. My daughter will soon reach my height, and I would not wonder if they say that `Athula is seen going with a girl in his car if they see her with me sitting in the front seat next to me in the car (laughs). Famous singer Nelu Adikari is Athulas only younger sister. Though his father taught English and Science subjects at school, he loved to play music instruments and sing along with Athulas mother who was a music and dancing teacher.


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