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Data for jail incarceration, 1980-2012, were taken from Maguire (n.d., Table 6.1.2011) and from Glaze and Herberman (2013, Table 2). The chapter then explores the fundamental question of the relationship of the growth in incarceration to crime.

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Rates in Figure 2-1 are based on jurisdiction counts, while rates in Figure 2-2 are based on custody counts. International incarceration rates (Figure 2-2) were taken from International Centre for Prison Studies (2013).

As noted in Appendix B, the rates of state and federal imprisonment, 1925-2012 (Figure 2-1), were taken from Maguire (n.d., Table 6.28.2011) and from Glaze and Herberman (2013, Table 2). imprisonment rates through the twentieth century and by comparing rates of incarceration in the United States with those in other countries.

Only jurisdiction counts are available in a continuous series from 1925 to 2012.

A total incarceration rate that includes the jail population should be based on custody counts; otherwise some double counting will occur whereby prisoners housed in county jails are also counted as being under state jurisdiction.

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2 Rising Incarceration Rates In 1973, after 50 years of stability, the rate of incarceration in the United States began a sustained period of growth. From its high point in 20, the population of state and federal prisoners declined slightly in 20.

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