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Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug have undeniable chemistry inside the studio, but when it comes to the speculation about the pair's relationship outside of the booth, Quan shoots down all the rumors.

After Thug posted a number of Insatgram photos with Quan where he refers to his Rich Gang collaborator as "bay" and "hubbie," a number of gossip sites wondered if the two had a type of romantic relationship.

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(Visit our section on Bisexuality 101 to understand how someone can be attracted to members of the same as well as members of the opposite sex.) It sounds as if you have enough evidence to assume that some of the rumors you have heard might be true.

"Everyone in Atlanta know me and Young Thug is not gay. "I get a joke out of it, 'cause it's just so funny how people will take anything and run with it." During the half-hour sit down Quan touched on a number of topics including his role in Birdman's Rich Gang crew, which now officially consists of Rich Homie and Young Thug. The same energy he seen in them when they were young," Quan said, revealing that he and Thug record about 15 songs a week.

Earlier this year, the group dropped their "Lifestyle" single, then in September they released their Rich Gang: Tha Tour, Part 1 mixtape and now they're preparing to release Part 2. "I think he just fell in love with the work ethic." Despite his affiliation with RG, Quan says he has no "paperwork" with Cash Money and whether or not he'll sign a solo deal with the label still up in the air -- he also says he isn't signed with Def Jam, dispelling that popular rumor.

“First and foremost I try not to get into all the comments, because it be so many, but at the same time I see them. I get a joke out of it, ’cause it’s just so funny how people will take anything and run with it.” Rich Homie Quan also spoke about his relationship with Young Thug musically and says the two record around 15 collaborative tracks a week.

If I respond back to that, that’s what they want me to do,” Rich Homie Quan said when asked about gay rumors. “Everyone in Atlanta know me and Young Thug is not gay. I have been dating a very handsome and masculine man for the past 2 years. You can do the survey together and discuss the responses.At the same time I don't know their situation and I try not to get into their situation," he explained."I try to do what's best for me, if that situation is right of course I'm gonna take it.You could be dressed as a human rainbow and be entirely straight.

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