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Give onto me the burden of mankind, for you know not what to do without a God Head, and who better then I?I bestride this world like a colossus, I leave footprints in history such that 10 millennia from now, as society molders into ash and dust, my name shall be held above all others, and it’s essence shall be in the bones of the earth!The girls on this site are not paid as what is given on other dating sites that are very famous.

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Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. Hot Or Not is not really a "dating" site - but out of the 6 people I've met in real life from the internet, 4 of them were from here.

It's good because you can click "yes" or "no" to people you wanna meet, and there's no hard feelings or wierd messages to read.

On the plus side I would be the biggest loser, king of the not hot's. My unholy taint shall spread across the world, my name shall be of legend and no one that speaks it shall forget my horribleness.

Let no man break the mighty covenant of the giggleparts, for thy bones break and flesh rot!

It is far from the old days of blind dates where friends would set you up with someone they think you'll want, and with this meet someone for the first time on a date is a bit exciting and scary.

While some men are still doubtful, they give it a try.They put all their focus on appearances with very little by way of substance to back it up. So I guess that blows your eye candy theory out of the tub. Are they really qualified to vote on anything let alone peoples sexy good times? but maybe a lot of unusually hot people put pictures on that site??? Trust me, if I showed up wearing a swimsuit, I would not get a 10.......But, saying that, I've been able to have a couple of good IM conversations based off of an initial e-mail. On the plus side I'm getting a 6.5 or something..... Visually I should be a 3 compared to some of them and yet I'm getting a score as good as them, and it's not even a very good one at that. screw that I'm a hot piece of white, hairy, man ass. That's right people, I would get a (infinity^2), they would have to invent a new rating system for just how not hot that truly was, the higher the number the worse it gets.Create a free profile and browse the profiles of other singles with similar interests Includes chartroom , hot or not and online forum.Sollten Sie der Inhaber dieser Domain sein, klicken Sie bitte im easyname Controlpanel unter "Meine Domains" auf "Verwalten" und wählen Sie in den Optionen zur Domain "Web Space Inhalt anzeigen" aus, um Ihre Webseite zu veröffentlichen.MY NAME SHALL RISE LIKE A PHEONIX TO CARRY ME AGAIN! I revel in them, because you cannot stop, what you cannot understand.

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