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This won’t apply to all women, but if your bride hasn’t suffered significant sexual abuse, is not inherently against sex, and isn’t just plain selfish, there’s a good chance this speaks for her fairly well.

I’ve put the full responses, plus comments, at the end, after my thoughts.

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Last week we ran a facebook poll asking why women (and men) say no to sex.

So far we’ve had 171 women answer (some only after my bride assured them it was anonymous! As with any web based survey I can’t claim the results are representative of the population as a whole, but I can tell you they fall in line with what we and others hear over and over from women.

He also mentioned the 'evidence 9 submitted with draft impeachment notices against two of the judges Bhushan says a judge is corrupt if he did something ignoring a palpable conflict of interest a clear hint at present CJI S H Kapadia hearing a case on Sterlite Industries despite holding shares in the Vedanta Group.

But he adds that he regards Kapadia as a judge of financial integrity hi Shanti Bhushan submits list of 16 ex-CJIs to SC.

The 'evidence' relates to five for- mer CJIs and ranges from suspi- cious judgments, building of hous- es in eco-sensitve zones, taking plots directly or indirectly from litigants whose cases they were deciding and blatantly giving favourable orders to a particular industrial house.

Most of the 'evidence' appeared MAKING A CASE Advocate Prashant Bhushan (left) provides 'evidence 9 based on suspicious judgments of the five ex-CJIs, building of houses in eco-sensitive zones, taking plots from litigants and giving favourable orders to a particular industrial house The 'evidence 9 appears to be inferences drawn from judgments, their wordings and their timings.

According to EPFO officials, the additional amount needed to pay the enhanced interest could result in the rate coming down to 8.5% next year.

P 11 Pope sorry for "shame": In his most strongly-worded public apology in the UK, the Pope on Saturday said sorry for the "unspeakable crimes" of priests on kids and the "shame and humiliation" it had caused the Church.

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Says 8 were "definitely corrupt", 6 "definitely honest" and "definite opinion can't be expressed about other 2" to be inferences drawn from judg- ments, the manner in which they were worded and their timings.

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