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send MMS to cell phone by internet will increase the use of mobile communication.

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MMS has made it possible for mobile users to enabled handset to other mobile users and users of e-mail.

It also makes it possible for mobile users to receive MMS to other mobile users, e-mail users and multimedia applications.

20 // Length of Content Type : next 32 bytes B3 // application/multipart.related 8A // Presentation Content ID 3C 73 75 64 6F 2E 73 6D 69 6C 3E 00 // 89 // Multipart Related Type 61 70 70 6C 69 63 61 74 69 6F 6E 2F 73 6D 69 6C 00 // application/smil // The following headers are defined in wap-230 04 // Number of contents = 4, sudo.txt, sudo.mid, sudo.gif, I forgot to explain the date and the meaning of the tokens. I have reattached the MM1 file but with the strange filename replaced by ' Test'.

Here are 4 files that I used for analysis, MMS Headers.txt, WSP Headers.txt, OMA-MMS spec and WAP-230 spec. You create it with a standard text editor, like Notepad.

In internet you can send free mms by internet with 2 ways : 1.

Email Picture or text from Computer to Cell Phone Attach pictures in a new email as you normally would then insert the address Cell phone email addresses are: AT&T @net MMS Verizon @MMS T-Mobile @Sprint (Personalized Name)@pm.MMS Cricket @mms.MMS Boost Mobile @Metro PCS @Misc @[email protected] [email protected] South Mobility [email protected] [email protected] One [email protected] Bell [email protected] Wireless [email protected] PCS [email protected] [email protected] Rogers [email protected] Wireless [email protected] [email protected] GSM [email protected] [email protected] PCS phonenumber @messaging.Sure West Communications [email protected] [email protected] Cellular [email protected] Virgin Mobil USA [email protected] Wireless [email protected]&T [email protected] Blue Sky Frog [email protected] South [email protected] One West [email protected] [email protected] PCS [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Freedom [email protected] Telecom [email protected] Com phonenumber @tms.Swiss Com Mobile [email protected] (Sidekick) [email protected] Mobilility [email protected] Wireless [email protected] Virgin Mobil Canada [email protected]

Send MMS to Phone From Computer or with your mobile phone are growing in popularity among cell phone users.

Even though instructions vary depending on your phone, here are the basic principles of how to send MMS with your cell phone.

// If the length is less than 1F (as is the case with the From tag above), then only a single // octet indicating the length will do.

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