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case_id=283&id=283 Polymer Science Learning Center: Diffusion and Gummy Bears: Poisoning: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: gov/salmonella Mayo Clinic: Medicine.com: Salmonella: Cartoons Plus: The Cartoons of S. Science Net Links AAAS: Plasmolysis in Elodea Plant Cells: Serendip: Hands-on Activities for Teaching Biology to High School or Middle School Learners: See Diffusion and Investigating Osmosis: *Steve Spangler Science: The Egg in the Bottle Trick and How to Make a Folding Egg: Wikipedia: Osmosis: Wikipedia: Soap bubble: Wolfram Demonstrations Project: Surface area increase by size reduction: Area Increase By Size Reduction Activity 11: 5 E(z) Yet p Henomenal Steps to Demystifying Magic Color-Changing Markers About Chemistry: Acid-Base Indicators, their p H ranges and respective colors: Experiments and Demonstrations You Can Do at Home: America's Lab Report: Investigations in High School Science . record_id=11311 Biology Corner: Scientific Method: Carbon Dioxide Production: Chem Guide: Indicators: Chromatography: Matters CD (1983–2008): Katz: Investigating the Chemistry of Color Changing Markers: changing Democracy and Education: Disney Educational Productions: Bill Nye the Science Guy: Chemical Reactions: Colorful reactions of red cabbage juice: Science/Teachers/Activities/Cabbage Fun Science Gallery: Experiments With Acids and Bases: Chemistry Online: Indicators and Their Color Changes/p H Ranges: Goldenrod Paper p H Indicator: Daryl's Science: Innovations: Science Hobbyist: Spangler Science: Maryland Science Center: How Color Change Markers Work: Video: https://

v=p9b OFk XA0t M National Science Teachers Association Position Paper: The integral role of laboratory investigations in science instruction: org/about/positions/Ph ET Interactive Simulations: Purdue University: Voice-activated chemical reaction: purdue.edu/bcce/Voice_Activated_Steve Spangler Science: Sharpie Pen Science: Do You Have Acid Breath?

p=35 National Center for Science Education (NCSE): Defending the Teaching of Evolution in Public Schools: Science Teachers Association (NSTA): Position Statements: The Teaching of Evolution: org/about/positions/*Science and Plants for Schools: org.uk/ University of NC Learning/NC Lesson Plans: Modify a Seed Activity: U. Activity 10: Osmosis and "Naked" Eggs Using Bubbles to Explore Membranes: America 's Lab Report: Investigations in High School Science:

* denotes corrected typos or updated URL denotes new websites not listed in book Activity 1: Science and Art Action Bioscience.org: Error and the nature of science: Literacy in the classroom: Association for Physics Teachers: Physics Photo Contest: org/Programs/contests/Arc Attack!

Musical/Singing Tesla Coil: Institute of Chicago: Science, Art, and Technology: ongoing evolution of the internet results in some websites shifting to new URLs and others becoming defunct.

See Classroom Methodology: Using Case Studies to Teach Science (by Clyde Freeman Herreid) and Tapping Into the Pulse of the History of Science With Case Studies (by Douglas Allchin) American Society for Microbiology: Classroom Activities: Anton-van Leeuwenhoek: Father of Microbiology: Corner: Cells: The Martian and the Car Story: Characteristics of Life: Lab: Shrimp Labs: *American Physiological Society: Little Shrimpers: A Brine Shrimp Activity: Science Stock Photography: Educational Productions: Bill Nye the Science Guy: Cells: Diversity of Life: Science of Cooking: Yeast-Air Balloons: Scientific: Glue Monsters: Are They Alive? Hyper Physic s, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Georgia State University: Surface tension: Molecular explanation and applications: Geographic Society: Special Issue, April 2010: Water: Our Thirsty World: Non-Newtonian Fluids: Oobleck: The Dr.

submission ID=236 *BSCS 5E Instructional Model: Origins, Effectiveness and Applications: org/bscs-5e-instructional-model Corner: Scientific Method: Cells Alive: Biology Animations: How cells work: Characteristics (& Diversity) of Life video clip [ min. : PDFs/Biology/BF10227GENE Project Yeast Experiments: ksu.edu/gene/Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Bio Interactive: org/biointeractive. Seuss Science Experiment: Steve Spangler Science: Cornstarch Science and Quicksand Goo: *Silly Putty: Walking on Water: Official M. Escher Website ( sells a work titled Waterfall Cascade (showing an impossible arrangement), which makes for a great prop for an extended discussion of the unusual and seemingly discrepant physical and chemical properties of water. Search topics: detergents, surface tension, surfactants, and water and water properties.

v=Ln8Uw Pd1z20 ( video from original Carl Sagan hosted Cosmos series) Darwin Pond (Artificial Life Simulation): Science: Biology Demos: See demonstrations #1, "Opposable Thumbs," and #2, " Darwin's Finch Beaks Deep Time—the Geological Time Scale": *Discovery Institute:

See critique of supposed "flaws" in PBS Evolution series: Educational Productions: Bill Nye the Science Guy: Dinosaurs, Evolution, and Fossils: Evolution and the Nature of Science Institute: Timeline: Tutor Interactive Simulations: Society of America: Geological Time Scale: Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Biointeractive: org/biointeractive.

Activity 4: Inquiring Into Reading as Meaning-Making AAAS Project 2061 Textbook Evaluations: Bioscience: See Classroom Methodology: Using Case Studies to Teach Science (by Clyde Freeman Herreid) and Tapping Into the Pulse of the History of Science With Case Studies (by Douglas Allchin) American Educator, Winter 2008–09: "How Words Cast Their Spell" theme issue on spelling; includes PDF of the "Ask a Cognitive Scientist" column: "What Will Improve a Student's Memory?

": American Educator, "Ask a Cognitive Scientist" column: Privileged Status of Story: org/periodical/american-educator/summer-2004/ask-cognitive-scientist *The Usefulness of Brief Instruction in Reading Comprehension Strategies: org/sites/default/files/periodicals/Cog Have Technology and Multitasking Rewired How Students Learn?

v=7-QJ-UUX0i Y&feature=endscreen Demonstration with Raw Egg [ min./timelapse]:

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