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Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is primarily a disorder of the emotion regulation system.

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Emotional regulation and control includes these activities or abilities: • Decrease (or increase) physiological arousal associated with emotion.

Calming down with relaxation and breathing exercises when angry or anxious. • Re-orient attention in the presence of strong emotion.

Normally, those with healthy self-esteem are able to maintain positive feelings about themselves despite setbacks.

Individuals with BPD have difficulties regulating several, if not all, emotions.

When they fail to achieve these goals they are filled with self-hate.

Those with BPD are generally unable to self-regulate.

On the negative side, partings may precipitate intense feelings of loss, annoyance may turn into rage, and apprehension may escalate to a panic attack or out of control feelings of terror. The more emotionally aroused you become, the more pertinent and compelling emotion-relevant material becomes.


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