Iphone sms badge not updating

I've also tried turning the phone on and off but nothing seems to work. Sound works for incoming calls, etc, but just not for incoming message. No I have a 0.00 peace of nothing sitting here going to waste.

I'm a bit of a technophobe when it comes to these things so any help is appreciated:)If dnd is not active ( do not disturb) then it could either be your side switch. Also my husbands 4S is now starting to do the same thing. If you go to "Do not disturb" setting and scroll down, you'll see where it says " Incoming calls and messages will be silenced If phone is locked.

The service offers a web-based sms service however it is difficult to operate on a mobile device.

Vo sms seeks to solve this issue by providing users with a mobile SMS experience on the Vo platform.

As you know, you can access apps and web page icons on your Home screens by tapping them.

The Home screens come configured with icons in default locations.

Addendum: After updating to i OS 10, this app closes immediately after launching. It requires a setup (which is on end and not this apps fault) and only provides simple text messages, but it works!

I've written to the developer, but I despair of any update at this point. Note that the password you should put in is the api password, not account password.

Cannot dismiss the popup as another one replaces it. One US number that has SMS and a Turkish number that does not.

i Phone and i Pad users had reported lot of issues with i OS 9.0.2 update, including can’t disable game center notifications, spotlight search not working, Wi Fi problem, no message notification sound, unable send or receive text messages etc.

So far I can log in but then the program gets stuck in an infinite loop.


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