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It has been suggested that it was during this exile that he learned the skill of land reclamation.

The medieval parish of Irvine was one of the most important regions in Scotland.

Originally the site of the Military Headquarters of the Lord High Constable of Scotland and one of the earliest Scottish Capitals, it served as an HQ to no fewer than three kings. Morton stated that Irvine was a "Lost Medieval Capital" and a likely candidate in the debate about the Stone of Destiny and its location before it was moved to Scone.

The loch waters were progressively drained and in 1691 this was finally achieved.

The loch and its adjacent land was purchased by the Reverend Patrick Warner (minister in Irvine 1688-1702),who had sought refuge in the Netherlands after the Battle of Bothwell Bridge.

"I had come home from a vacation, and he came home and he was telling me, ‘I want your hand in marriage, I really want to spend the rest of my life with you,’" she recalled.

"And I’m happy as can be about what’s about to happen and he’s having to break the news of Daniel Cervantes stealing the engagement ring." When prompted to return the jewelry, Cervantes would make excuses about why that wasn't possible, both police and Cuellar said.All of Cervantes' victims were referred to him by friends or had a personal relationship with him, authorities said, and in each case victims' weddings were delayed due to the missing rings.Nicole Sarber and Julio Cuellar told KTLA they had been dating for three years when Cuellar asked Sarber's family's blessing to propose to her, and they gave him an heirloom ring – which disappeared after he took it to Cervantes for polishing.To this day there is still a yearly festival, called Marymass, held in the town.Irvine is the birthplace of the present First Minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party, Nicola Sturgeon as well as the former First Minister of Scotland, Jack Mc Connell.A jeweler in Irvine was arrested Thursday in connection with stealing several wedding and engagement rings he was hired to clean, police said.

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