Is being intimidating a good thing

And as happy as men are for us, many would be lying if they didn't find some of our successes a bit intimidating.I mean, many men find it hard to approach a woman they feel is better than them in any way, not just in the work place.Men love a woman who is driven and successful but when a woman is so focused on her career that she can't make time for her man, the situation could be intimidating.

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When you’re in the hot seat on the receiving end of the “where do you see yourself in five years? “Put your focus on the interviewer, focus on the questions they’re asking you, and outwardly on the environment.

Let your body be nervous,” he says, adding that the interviewer likely won’t notice any signs of your nerves.

Men want a woman who is healthy and who likes to exercise but likely not one who will embarrass him at sports.

Most men will likely not feel comfortable showing their imperfections to a perfectionist woman.

Sometimes it could be that they feel the woman is better looking or has a more confident attitude.

In most cases, women don't even know they could be intimidating the men around them. But incase you're wondering, here are a few of the most intimidating things women do – and I'm not saying they are wrong – that drive men crazy, according to website.

It's important for both men and women to realize they have to make time for each other outside of the workplace.

A good level of confidence in a woman is a very attractive quality.

“The reason the hands shake and you get a nervous stomach is because your adrenaline gets released, so it gives you energy so you’re prepared to fight off the threat,” Orma says.

To prepare for the situation, steal a tactic from athletes called exposure, Stephenson suggests.

A Big Presentation You know your stuff, and you’re ready to nail it.


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