Is dating in high school good

Dates used to be all about the two of you, some fun times and some great kissing. High school also taught us that girls really do like nice guys.

When they finally dump their hard, controlling, bullying boyfriends, they are amazed and extremely drawn to the tender and considerate touch of a real gentleman.

Why would we expect her to bite our heads off or laugh at us if we strike up a conversation or ask her out? Once you start to notice the “signals,” it becomes much easier to zero in on the ones who are already interested.

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You can also really piss her off without even knowing it. You spend all your money on a movie, the big barrel of popcorn and a burger afterward, but all she remembers is the walk along the lake with the moon and stars lighting your way.

Women can be very judgmental about things that aren’t even on your radar (“He showed up in a striped shirt and there was an empty Mc Donald’s bag on the back seat of the car. ”) We learned that we have to be able to read her mind (because she will never tell us if there’s a problem or what it is.) It’s best if we cater to her every whim. And their is a fine line (visible only to them) between being a bum and being a prince. You still remember the time you, your girl and a few other couples played charades at Sandy Banner’s house all night and your girlfriend laughed till she cried.

Everything you need to know about dating you learned in high school.

Sure, there may be some refinements that you pick up along the way to make the experience a little better for you and your date, but the basic ingredients are there.

Some couples do date in high school and eventually get married. As a college counselor, I watched high school couples go through a lot of heartbreak.

High school is a bubble in many ways, and the transition into college and career takes an understandable toll on these relationships.

Everyone in your grade is just as stressed as you about dating. You may not even realize how many ways you have it better than your paired-off friends, but there are a ton.

Click through the slideshow below for 10 reasons to enjoy your current life as part of a non-couple -- and feel free to re-visit this every time you find yourself thinking, "OMG WHY AM I STILL SINGLE? And also, because dating in high school is way, way overrated.

You might not attend the same college or share the same dreams.

You must also be highly vigilant to maintain your purity, which gets more difficult the longer you date. If you’ve decided that dating in high school is for you, it’s time to set clear boundaries.

Assuming the other person is actually busy when he doesn’t pick up his phone.


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