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So I did and had Johnny Hiland fill in as much as he could for me while gone.Later that fall, a tornado came through downtown and cleaned off Johnny's house gig, The Turf Club across the street.

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I got to Nashville in November '90, did sub work and fill-ins around town and surrounding areas 'til March.

Had a house gig fall through in January so I was broke and ready to leave town already.

I decided to go to Nashville via California, assuming everybody in Edmonton was sick of my noodling and the U. Landed a gig with Don Cox and the Cowtown Band featuring steel guitarist Bobby Black (WOW! music scene at that time was a great and exciting learning time for me.

) in San José where Don told me that he had had some ugly guitar players in his 20 years at that club, but I was the best of the truck driver lookin' ones. I got to experience country, blues, rockabilly, swing, and jazz like I'd never heard or seen before.

Don Kelley is the best band leader Nashville has ever known.

Being a great player himself, he always let the guitarist in his band go nuts within reason, his.

Once there and after lots of car trouble and nowhere to live but the car, I hooked up with a trio named 'Picker', headed by drummer /singer Gordon Green, for three years trying to learn how to sing and play at the same time.

Joined the Prairie Fire Band (a 5-piece hard core traditional Country and Western Swing band) with steel guitarist Dick Kruger in '81 for a couple of years, gathering TV and recording experience while studying under Big George Moody (my first live hero).

At that point, I was gone enough and Johnny needed a steady gig, and I think he's still playing there with Don.


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