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“My life was altered by meeting her, and that’s not something I say lightly,” Sandberg adds. I think she does that for everyone.”“What can I say? In August, the couple welcomed a daughter, Everest Hobson Lucas, who was born via gestational surrogate, to the world.

But it’s truly how I feel about her.”Sheryl Sandberg, the Facebook chief operating officer, who first met Hobson some five years ago because they were both board members at Eve Ensler’s V-Day organization, which combats violence against women, credits a comment Hobson made with inspiring her to write her best-seller, “She said she wanted to be unapologetically black and unapologetically a woman,” Sandberg says, recalling that the comment helped her move past trying to make her gender difference fade into the background. In June 2013, Hobson, who is 45, married George Lucas, the 70-year-old filmmaker who sold his company, Lucasfilm, to Walt Disney in 2012 for more than billion.

Everest, who looked precious with a bow in her hair and a pacifier in her mouth, was being held by both her mother and father as they secured a life-jacket on their bundle of joy before taking a boat ride together.

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I get a little nervous talking about her because the words are so flowery. And while she’s not a household name—at least not yet—she is at the hub of an eclectic group of people who are.

For many years she was a contributor to ABC’s she now works for CBS News and is on the boards of too many philanthropic organizations to list.

She also serves on multiple boards, including the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, Dream Works Animation SKG, Inc., After School Matters, The Chicago Public Education Fund and Sundance Institute.

On her first day of work, she got some unforgettable advice from Ariel Investments’ founder John W. “He said to me, ‘I want you to understand something, you’re going to be in rooms where people have big titles and make a lot of money.

“I have to work really hard at thinking about how to balance that, how to still be authentically me but not create a scenario where others feel fear in not agreeing with me.” Guests at the Women in the Forefront luncheon from left to right: Ilene Gordon, Carla Michelotti, Jamie-Clare Colvin, Kym Hubbard, TCN Board Chair Donna Thompson, TCN President & CEO Kate Bensen, Mellody Hobson, Sally Blount, Kapila Anand and Elizabeth Hartigan Connelly. But if you just watch your feet and just go from one place to the next, you will succeed.

(Courtesy of The Chicago Network) Though it may not seem obvious, Hobson says she’s “failed miserably at times.” During the economic downturn a couple of years ago, Ariel Investments was losing clients every day. When Ariel was successful, I felt successful,” she said. You will keep walking,” Hobson said of Lucas’ advice."How else would a financial person and movie person ever be at the same place at the same time?" Lucas said during an interview on in January 2012.She was very tolerant of my inability to be controlled.” One thing that Hobson’s learned to control is how she presents her opinions.“Because my opinions come out so strong and because I can sound so sure and confident, it can stifle other people’s opinions,” she said.The director had announced his retirement four months prior.


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