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a possible sign he hasn't gone nuts in Tampa just yet??? Joel chats with Mit M Wall Reality TV on Bravo Photo Gallery: Samples from the calendar! Peterman from Seinfeld, talks to Mit M about his role on UPN's brand new show The Mullets. Peterman because he now owns part of the real-life company. Also, Carrot Top shares his career philosophy with the crew.

Sweet Lou joins Mit M PCA Coalition website Joel Klug, a contestant from the very first season of Survivor, joins Mit M to promote his latest venture -- the Wall (a sportsbook and casino) Ultimate Sports Calendar, featuring many beautiful women like Survivor 3 contestant Lindsey Richter (pictured). John also doesn't mind being married to Loni Anderson's character in The Mullets. Contributing editor David Sheff talks to the crew about his interview with the former football star who was cleared of double-murder in one of the most infamous trials in history. Carrot Top chats with Mit M Carrot Top's website Former Bears coach Mike Ditka talks to Mit M about the "Tracking Men's Health Initiative" -- designed to encourage men to address health issues before they get out of hand.

John joins the Mit M crew The Mullets on UPN Once you're finished "reading" the October issue of Playboy, make sure to read the interview with O. Da Coach says men should NOT be afraid to talk to their doctors about anything and everything.

Also, Ditka shares a few thoughts on the brand new NFL season.

He also talks about his latest projects, including the reading of the poem "Enoch Arden" -- which re-works the theme of the shipwrecked sailor who returns years later to (a la Tom Hanks in Cast Away).

Michael chats with Mit M Michael York's website You want drama? You really think they'll knock off the main character in the first week of that show? But as Mark Burnett, the executive producer of Survivor 7: Pearl Islands, points out, your favorite character could be eliminated tonight, in the first episode of the season! Mark survives the Mit M crew Survivor 7: Pearl Islands Playboy's Miss October Audra Lynn talks with Mit M about the work she did for before becoming a playmate, the painful process of getting her bellybutton pierced, her "au natural" breasts, her family's thoughts about the pictorial, her brief relationship with former Bachelor star Aaron Buerge, and her experience living in the Playboy mansion.

Michaels chats with Mit M Saturday Night Live on NBC UFC Light Heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz (aka.

"The Huntington Beach Bad Boy") joins Mit M to talk about his upcoming match on UFC-44 Undisputed.

Actor Christopher Wiehl, who plays QB Derek Mc Connell on the show, joins Mit M to weigh-in on the purpose of the show, which has some people asking why a "news" network is running "entertainment" programming about the league it covers.

Wiehl talks about Playmakers ESPN's Playmakers After unsuccessfully trying to get Playboy associate editor Alison Prato to pose nude in the magazine, Mit M focuses on some intriguing features in the October issue, including the in-depth interview with O. Simpson and "Sex on Campus" with the Girls of the Big Ten.

including a stop at the Bears pathetic home opener on MNF.


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