Is timing a big deal for guys and dating

Now, not all women spend this much on their beauty regimens, but many do, and those with more money, spend a ton more than this! It's almost as if our bodies have become weird science experiments solely designed for giving and maintaining life, making us feel completely alienated from ourselves in a deeply disorienting way.Add in a personal trainer, Botox, and all sorts of other extras, and guys, we're spending a lot on our dates. Once this process is over, and we feel we've gotten it all back together as much as we can (but plastic surgery and personal trainers can only do so much), our hormones get even crazier!Which leaves my bedroom looking like a bomb went off in it, and if it isn't our first or second date and you might be coming home with me, I now need to clean all this sh*t up! So don't even think about asking us out last minute.2.

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While most ladies agree that if he asked you on the date, he should clearly pay for it, some men . Yes, it's the chivalrous thing to do and as women, wanting to feel taken care of is part of our DNA.

But there are a few other factors that no one is really talking about that I must put out there for all to see. The Amount Of Time We Need To Get Ready Is No Joke Let's be real.

Even if there's a chance that you thought about what you're wearing, it probably wasn't that much of a big deal.

Do you know what it takes for a woman to get ready for a date?!

Even though the question of who should pay for the first date (and in general!

) has long been debated, we haven't gotten any closer to an answer that pleases everyone.

If you also add in the fact that we're getting this done about every two weeks (in addition to other expenses), we probably spend over 0 dollars just for the sake of impressing you. We go through agonizing cramps (not to mention hormonal crazes) every month all for the sake of bearing your children.

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