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The most well known of these is radioactive carbon-14, which is produced when nitrogen is bombarded by neutrons.- particle, and reverts to nitrogen In nature, radiocarbon is formed when high energy atomic particles called cosmic rays break down the atoms in the atmosphere into electrons, protons, neutrons and other particles.The carbon 14 atoms in these molecules slowly decay to Nitrogen.

But whatever happens the C - 14 in it gradually decays.

When the plant or animal dies fresh carbon is no longer taken in and the C - 14, which is present, decays.

C is created in the atmosphere by cosmic radiation and is taken up by plants and animals as long as they live.

Upon death, the isotope begins to decay and after 5730±40 years half of it is gone.

It was produced in 1934 by bombarding aluminium with - particles, i.e., Phosphorus - 30 was produced, together with a neutron.

Notice that on each side of the equation the sum of the nucleon number is 31 and the sum of the proton number is 15.

Some of the neutrons strike the nuclei of nitrogen atoms in the atmosphere get converted into radiocarbon atoms.

Carbon-14 has a long half-life of about 5600 years.

It has a mass equal to that of the electron, and a positive electron.


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