Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon ek baar phir episode 180

Dev enters and shouts she cannot misbehave with maa. She starts blasting Dev why he is so weak and insecure, he should be a man. Sona holds his collar and shouts to accept his mistake. Whole family gathers and mamaji asks what happened. Sona stops and reminisces Dev’s whole dialouges, to get out. Dev sits shattered and tells Vicky he wants to go somewhere. Jaana Na Dil Se Door is an upcoming Indian television series which is set to launch on Star Plus channel.And you will also find all the latest Jaana Na Dil Se Door videos, news, cast, synopsis, photo gallery, and much more only on

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Ishwari says she doe snoot need money and even can support her and her family. Sona says Dev she is going and walks reminisces her happier times spent with Dev. Vicky acts as drinking, but fills Dev’s glasses and thinks he spoilt Sona’s husband and now it is her turn, Vicky does not forget his revenge.

Sona says she cannot force her decisions on everyone, this is wrong. Sona says now she realized Dev is behind all this situation. Sona tries to pick Ishwari, but Dev stops her and warns her to stay away from maa. GKB comments what kind of bahu she is, she is walking out of house just with husband and MIL’s scolding. Ishwari thinks she did not think of Dev even once and left.

Khushi, an 18 year old from UP, is simple, rooted in family ...

(previously known as Vaidehi and Didi Ki Saut) is an Indian Television soap opera that premiered on June 6, 2011.

The TV show is about two different people Khushi and Arnav, and how their relationship changes; between them and their siblings (Payal and Anjali, respectively) and between themselves.

Sanaya Irani plays the character of Khushi in , who is a very simple, God-fearing, and family oriented girl.

Then by that time she also finds out that Khushi and Arnav did not get married. Then the show ends as Arnav and Khushi merories from thev past year. is an eternal story revolving around the story of two star crossed lovers who discover that love truly does conquer all odds.

She comes to Buaji telling her Khushi is very bad and Garima hides from her. On Khushi's wedding Dadiji told Arnav and everyone else what Garima did. Then on the wedding night Khushi and Arnav find out that Shayaam put camera around their rooms to watch them and there are also scenes of Khushi changing her dresses and making love . Then the story goes on to Arnav's ex girlfriend Sheetal comes back to trick Arnav and has been living with the raizada family due to cut backs. Then Khushi tells Arnav if they can adopted Aarav, so they do. The original working title for the series was Didi Ki Saut, and the original name for the main character was Vaidehi.

However, due to misunderstandings and the venomous intentions of Shyam (Abhaas Mehta), Arnav's brother in law, Arnav and Khushi's love remains incomplete and hatred begins to overcome them once more.


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