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Next Shares are currently available through Folio Investing and Folio Institutional, leading online brokerage services.

Interactive Brokers Group, an automated global electronic broker and market maker, and Envestnet, a provider of unified wealth management technology and services, have both announced their intentions to make Next Shares available on their platforms in the near term.

The Heisman Trophy, one of the highest individual awards in American college football, has been awarded 81 times since its creation in 1935, including 79 unique winners and one two-time winner.

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In addition to the name change, the award also became a nationwide achievement.

With the new name, players west of the Mississippi became eligible, though the first player from the western United States was not selected until 1938.

In July 2016, UBS Financial Services announced plans to become the first full-service wealth manager to offer Next Shares through its financial advisor network in early 2017.

The first Next Shares funds were launched by Eaton Vance Management earlier this year, at which time they began trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market LLC.

The points are tabulated, and the player with the highest total of points across all ballots wins the Heisman Trophy.

This is a list of the colleges and universities who have had a player win a Heisman trophy: Ohio State and Notre Dame are tied for the most trophies at 7 each (USC's 2005 award having been voluntarily forfeited).

“Next Shares represent another step in our effort to provide clients with unique, progressive investment products.

We are pleased to be one of the first firms to bring them to market,” said Thomas W. “Ivy Next Shares offer the potential for competitive investment returns by applying the strength of Ivy’s experienced portfolio managers and proprietary investment research in a cost-effective and tax-effective structure.” The three Ivy Next Shares, effective today, include: “We congratulate Ivy on the launch of their three Next Shares funds,” said Stephen W. “Ivy is leading the evolution of active fund investing to a potentially better-performing, lower cost and more tax efficient structure.” Next Shares, an innovative way to invest in actively managed strategies, offer the potential for benchmark-beating returns by applying their managers’ proprietary investment research.

Berwanger was later drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League but declined to sign for them.

He never played professional football for any team, instead choosing to pursue a career in business.

In addition, all previous Heisman winners may vote, and one final vote is counted through public balloting.

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