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Newsted last performed with METALLICA in December 2011 at all four intimate shows at the Fillmore in San Francisco as part of the band's week-long celebration of its 30th anniversary as a group for fan club members only.

Opinions and recommended stories about Jason Newsted.

Ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted has been hard at work with his new band Newsted.

And once I found somebody that would really deal with all of my accelerated, weird life and all that, then that was really somebody I held on to." Jason: "We've been together for a long time. She was there through my shoulder surgeries, she was there through my painkiller addiction, she was there to support me in all kinds of different times when I was down.

And she is the person that recognizes that, after the fifth day that I do not go and make my noise, on that sixth day when I start getting irate, she pushes me to the studio and says, 'Call your boys and plug in the amps.' So to find someone like that to help me and support me, I would say that, if anything, she encourages me to move forward with my music and my art." Jason: "I had taken [painkillers] for years with METALLICA as I was trying to get my neck into a place and I really didn't understand what they did or what they were about.

But within that time, because of the timing of my particular ones.

I did the right arm, and in the meantime, while the left was trying to make up for both arms, I tore it.

Newsted is the founder of Chophouse Records, based in..Opinions and recommended stories about Jason Newsted.

Newsted is the founder of Chophouse Records, based in California.

Though Jason Newsted has popped up in a few notable projects since quitting Metallica in 2001, his new band is all about him. "There’s a few different hats I’m taking on: I’m the frontman, it’s my songs, it’s my voice.” It's also his name.

In the tradition of Van Halen, Santana and Bon Jovi, the name of the band is the same as the name of the man.

And I got taken in — like, four years of just going back and forth with that stuff, and it was brutal. According to MTV, he also felt the band had lost its focus and was spending too much time involved in litigation and political rhetoric.


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