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He pinned Ziggler in a very good television match and there hasn’t been a tease of Cena with anyone else for the pay-per-view.

The fact Rusev had gotten engaged in real life to Lana was known to the higher-ups, and there’s little doubt in my mind the decision to do the angle with Summer Rae on October 5, 2015 was due to it.

And in storyline, ever since the engagement, they have changed it from Rusev and Lana being enemies to Rusev still having the hots for Lana and Summer clearly being the substitute, as opposed to the replacement.

so, in the eyes of WWE management, this screwed up their storyline.

Nevermind the fact that WWE goes out of their way to tell you that they are scripted entertainment and they constantly have their wrestlers out in public breaking kayfabe and the people at the very top can play heels on television but they are portrayed as the nicest people in the world when they are featured in media interviews and charity appearances.

Years ago, when Perry was a model for Miller Lite, her agent, who was married to a NASCAR employee, hooked her up with Keselowski.

They were together from 2010-2011 until her arrival to WWE in 2013.

Welcome to the Official Blog for Jenn Sterger..may know me from the internet as the FSU Cowgirl, or from my TV and Magazine appearances... When you find peace in the moment, you can be whoever you want to be.

This is the place where I will update everyone with the things that are happening in my personal and professional life! I never really realized that I had any sort of audience that enjoyed reading about my personal misfortunes and musings. What really makes my story any different than the next person’s you know? But all this solitude has definitely given me time to find a new perspective on things. And when you’re in control of that moment, you’re in control of your life.

With the story breaking, WWE turned it into storyline.


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