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Dwight Schrute: Now then, do you have any special needs or dietary restrictions?

Through the course of the show, Jim and Pam literally survive every wacky obstacle that comes their way—whether it’s a dysfunctional dinner party at Michael and Jan’s, or Pam failing art school—they witness each other’s best and worst selves.

But, at the end of the day Jim and Pam really like each other.

We want relationships/hookups/connections fast and we want them now.

But I urge you to metaphorically stop, drop, and roll with me on this one.

If you observe what your partner is like in every messy, joyful life scenario — through a job promotion or when they’ve had too much tequila at a Chili’s or after your boss sleeps with your partner’s mother — you’ll have a better idea if you can be “in like” with all versions of him or her.

Those many nuanced moments take time to avail themselves as you date.

We never had an opportunity to actually miss each other—how ironically unromantic.

Instead of making us closer this constant access created a deep wedge in our relationship.

It’s cool that you’re in love with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Loving your partner is crucial, but so is actually liking them.


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