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Interesting story about Brenda Allen, her house of prostitution in Los Angeles, and the policemen Charles Stoker (who arrested her) and Elmer V. Wingless chickens live in smaller space, and get plumper, more improved chicken meat research - Peter Baumann.

Education - deaf child, Jerrye Mc Kee of Beaumont, Texas. University of Arkansas admits first Negro medical student, Edith Mae Irby. Pretty full page color Lucky Strike cigarettes ad with girl on a toboggan. Life goes to a square dance in Oklahoma City, with photos of John Steele Batson. Neat full page color Chrysler ad with green car head on. Photos and short story about 70 Illinois farmers gathering to plow a sick friend's land, Harold Thomas, 150 acres in three hours. Transportation, the Talgo, a truly bizarre new kind of train for passengers. Nice half page Cole swimsuit ad with art by Ron Wicks. Gorgeous full page color Proctor toaster ad with stunning bride - holy cow, this is a toaster ad!

Water Skiing, includes photos of Martha Mitchell at Cypress Gardens. Full page movie poster ad for “Champion” with Kirk Douglas, with color. Military union is being perfected at Fontainebleau. United States is abandoned, article includes photo of B-36 plane number BM-004. Busy bird hospital, Birdland in Los Angeles, with Idella G. Life visits Washington's luckiest kids, Children of Congressmen. Deerfield Academy, Massachusetts celebrates 300 years of town history.

Full page color Chesterfield cigarettes ad with Anne Baxter. Story of Alwyn Sonny Ivers and Betty Bowen, they killed an assailant, Bill Brock. Oil mines in Rifle, Colorado - shale oil, oil shale. Nice full page movie poster ad for “Madame Bovary” starring Jennifer Jones, Van Heflin and others. Photo essay - Father of the Bride, a new book featuring Peter Saracco. Very cute full page Sinclair Opaline Motor oil ad with four sailors helping a lady into a boat, art by Lee Wood. a 2Neat customer alerted me to this once the work was declassified.) and includes a neat aerial photograph of Manhattan. Dill Lamar Pickle of Rolling Fork, Mississippi, pickle on top of Chicago television tower.

The New Israel by John Phillips, includes a photo of the young Moshe Dayan. Very cute photos of mama cats nursing different kinds of “kittens” - rabbits, ground hog, squirrels, and skunks. Very nice full page color Plymouth ad with red convertible car, art by H. New Friant-Kern canal furnishes water for California Eden. Young fashion designers : Ginny Anderson, Anne Fogarty, Betsy Cann, Peggy Thayer, Lorraine Budny, Isabelle Dobson. London County Council's nursery school with nude students. Photo of Channel Swimmer Shirley May France of Somerset, Massachusetts, preparing for a practice swim. Sailboat Rubaiyat in trouble off Point Betsie, Michigan, neat photo of man all the way up the mast - very exciting for him, I'm sure. Neat full page color Western Electric ad with women working on wiring new piece of equipment, art by James Bingham. Kanab Utah is a great movie location - Stagecoach, Outriders, My Friend Flicka.

Theater - “Anne of the Thousand days.” Life spends New Year's eve in Hollywood. Extremely cute full page photo of Julia Mae Jinnette asleep. Charming half page Gaines dog food ad with Dachshund dog. Very nice full page color Champion spark plugs ad with ice skating scene, art. The chicken of tomorrow, breeding for faster growing, plumper birds. Nice full page color Chesterfield ad on back cover with Joan Crawford. European coast is great travel destination, Portugal, Spain, France, Low Countries, Norway and Denmark, great photos. Outstanding graduates of 1949: Robert Brentano, Minturn Tatum Wright, Lionel Noel, David Woodruff, Richard Carvolth. Full page color Budweiser ad with sailing theme, art by Howard Klau Forsberg. 10 pages in color - includes photos of Ted and Margery Wells, Oshkosh Yacht Club, Wilfred Gmeiner, Detroit Yacht Club, Murray Knapp's Blitzen. Very cool full page color Nash airflyte ad with sci-fi looking green car. New harvest adds to big wheat surplus, includes photos of Waggoner ranch (Texas), Roy Judd. “Silly Honey” shoots a ballplayer - Ruth Ann Burns and Eddie Waitkus of Philadelphia Phillies, baseball. Unusual full page Goodrich tires ad with crewing theme. Life visits Palumbo's restaurant in Philadelphia, many parties on June 11th. Peter Schlumbohm the inventor, kettles, coffee makers. Mule beats horses, Camp Carson, Colorado - Hambone.

Beginning in this issue - the second volume of Winston Churchill's war memoirs "Their finest hour." Full page Sanforized fabrics ad with "Simple Sigh-man" charming art by Gregori. West fights worst winter in history, amazing blizzard photos from Nebraska, Civil Air Patrol crash near Alliance, Nebraska, railroad man keeping track switches from freezing at Truckee, California (night in blizzard) and more. Life visits the Lettuce Box, loan for weekend to Bud Shively. Horrible story about Mike Rector who was burned over 70 percent of his body by two playmates, he went through skin grafts and is still improving now 7 months after the "accident." Comedian Danny Kaye, profile. Photo of dog climbing a fence, by Elaine Wilsey of Virginia, Minnesota. All girl rodeo - Josephine Willis, Judy Hayes, Betty Barron, Joyce Dyer. The creeping sprinkler, moves along hose (we still have them today). Neat photo of sheep herd belonging to Joe Hodgen, crossing the top of the Grand Coulee Dam. Flying Boxcars from the Fallon, Nevada air base are pressed into service to deliver hay, coal, more to those snowbound. Cute half page Barbasol ad with fireman rescuing woman in filmy nightgown. Full page color United States Brewers Foundation beer ad with "Meeting Her Parents" art by Douglass Crockwell. Barnstorming revival, flying, including Sammy Mason, Frances Kari. Easter Egg Hunt at Glen Taylor school in Walnut Creek, California. Full page color Bon Ami Glass Gloss cleaner ad (for glass AND silver), the first I remember seeing in LIFE. Full page color Mc Gregor sportswear ad with golf theme. Man has a merry week, includes photos of Robert Niles, Dick Riedel and Bill Barris - record for sustained flight, and more. Nice full page color Interwoven socks ad with art by Fell. Full page color Swift's Peanut butter ad with cartoon baseball, and lid that is meant to be a coaster (see through green). Swimmer Keith Carter of Purdue, including photos of Wally Ris, Joe Verdeur, Jimmy Mc Lane. Pacific northwest has worst earthquake, includes photos from Seattle, Washington, fault in Puyallup, bent radio tower of KJR.. Art - Niagara Falls, includes 4 different depictions of tight rope walkers.Photo of Philadelphia football game where all the players had to haul a snow-covered tarp off the field before the game could start. Nice full page color movie poster ad for “Streets of Laredo.” Pyramid club craze sweeps nation - chain letter pyramid schemes, including photos of Peggy Walden, Mrs. New army has a housing scandal, Fort Dix shacks, including photos of Charles and Janet Blanchard, Will Webb family. “A southern solution” by Sam Jones, ex-governor of Louisiana. Absolutely charming full page color Esquire boot polish ad with kitten. Wow - two page color movie poster ad for “Mighty Joe Young” gorilla.Gibson girl Irene Gibson goes to party in New York. The war memoirs of Winston Churchill, Volume 2, part 5. Named photos of 50 famous people who have associated themselves with a Communist organization. Full page Ipana tooth paste ad with Don and Eloise Phillips. Extremely handsome full page color De Soto car ad with maroon four door car. Cute little story with photos, twins marry twins (all identical), Marie and Marjorie Christodoro to Edwin and Wilfred St. Full page color Camel cigarettes ad with baseball players Gene Bearden and Johnny Vander Meer. Nice full page movie poster ad for “We were Strangers” with Jennifer Jones, John Garfield, Pedro Armendariz and others. How Colorado School of Mines students treat their professors - in fun. Pretty full page color Barbasol ad with pin-up girls. Industry - model factory, Harry Ferugson plant in Detroit. Life goes to the Arapahoe hunt club, Colorado at Phipps ranch.

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