Kangta dating gwen stefani dating

themselves should really draw a line with the age gap no matter how much they think they won't age with us because they're celebrities. [ 105, -13] You shouldn't be jealous, you should be ashamed...8.

Fans were just as energetic in the past as they are today, and Park Ji Yoon talked about how scary they became when she was caught in a dating scandal with H.

Article: Kangta "I'm jealous of Tony's public relationship... [ 364, -12] You're sure that you're jealous of the public part, right? And do you seriously think he's in the right state of mind? [ 265, -21] I gotta go visit my nearest pre-school and find my future wife4. fans have now become adults and parents starting their own families...

During the group’s appearance in Naver’s V last October 31, Xiumin narrated his experience about it according to allkpop.

Very quaint disclosure from one who has strung a series of successes since his H. In another talk show, MBCs" he bolstered this train of thought that the group disbanded over trivial matters.

Baekyun said that Xiumin’s sister is pretty then Chen added that Xiumin and his sister’s facial features look the same.

In another news, EXO-CBX Xiumin revealed that he once attempted to lose weight but failed.

Per onehallyu,in 2014, Kangta was appointed Creative Director for the company he started with, SM Entertainment aside from becoming a well-known radio celebrity.

Later he put across his regrets that despite popularity, the group had to part ways.

Vêtements : Il aime les pantalons noirs Chiffre porte bonheur : 27 Le Meilleur moment : Quand le premier album des H. Pour soulager sa fatigue : Il dort ou mange Chanson préférée : "Geu Dae Yae Hyang Gee" par Yoo Young Jin CD préféré : Soul Food, Yoo Young Jin Livre préféré : Le petit prince Manga préféré : Slamdunk Couleur préférée : Le noir et le vert Saison préférée : L'hiver Ses nourritures préférées : Doenjang jjigae, Kimchi Jjigae, Gyeran tang, Nakji bokkeum, Bulgogi.

est sorti, il y avait une telle expression heureuse sur le visage de sa mère.

And how about the boy he said was the most popular? He sports the short hair he used to wear during his HOT days.

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