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This makes it hard to figure out what you like and what you dislike. Do you want sexual stimulation before, during, or after? Is there anything you want your partner to call you? However, continue to build trust by staying within your agreed upon boundaries each time.6. For those new to BDSM there's always the temptation to try very heavy sensation.

So keep traveling and you will find someone, eventually. In this age of technology you can search the globe for someone if you are open to that.

So open your heart, get searching and maybe you’ll find love.

No matter what activity you're exploring, slow down and pay attention every step of this little journey.

It's way better to end a session wanting more, than do too much too quickly.

Keep an open mind, explore one thing at a time, and never say "never! Sexuality is a fluid force in our lives; we need different things at different phases, and the process of discovering yourself as a sexual being never ends.

Especially in long-term relationships, the spirit of curiosity and exploration can go a long way toward keeping your sex life exciting and fulfilling........

It can be light bondage, erotic spanking, or as advanced as suspension bondage and caning. Fantasies belong in your erotic imagination and are able to powerfully fuel your sexual arousal.

For those of you who are intrigued but hanging in limbo because of uncertainty, here's a 10-step guide to explore the exciting world of bondage. In fantasies, there are no limitations or consequences. Know the difference and let your fantasies run wild, while being realistic about what you really desire in your sex life. Get clear about what kind of erotic energy you want to explore.

Once you have a sense of what your authentic desires are, get clear about what kind of erotic energy you desire.

Erotic energy is the motivation and intent behind any sexual act.

An erotic spanking can feel tender and sweet, or dominating and raunchy.


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  2. If you have been avoid dating online as your think that it is just for 20 years old, then you need to think once again.

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  4. E, on the other hand, is hardly as keen to sleep with the first (sexy) woman he sees as his buddy Vince.

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  6. Beginning as Ambroli English School in Girgaum, Mumbai, it later saw several changes of sites and names, eventually being called the Wilson School.

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